LUST FOR YOUTH share new single “New Balance Point”- Self-titled LP set for release June 7th via Sacred Bones

May 15, 2019
Photo credit: Halfdan Venlov


– Share new single “New Balance Point”
– Self-titled LP due June 7th via Sacred Bones

Lust For Youth– the Scandinavian duo of Hannes Norrvide and Malthe Fischer– shares their third single, “New Balance Point,” from their forthcoming self-titled album (out June 7th on Sacred Bones). “New Balance Pointfollows previously released singles “By No Means” and “Great Concerns.” 

The songs are sure-footed where they had earlier feared to tread, and light-headed for a new set of reasons. The album is driven by a dance-pop agenda, hustling its way through upbeat peaks that level out into reflective ballads. While still taking clear cues from a crop of austere synth-pop, Lust for Youth sound brighter than they ever have before, taking tips from some of the flirtiest Eurobeat to aid their new direction. 

On their previous album, Compassion, Lust for Youth examined euphoria and contemporary life with a wry wit. Where facetiousness masqueraded as commitment, compliments and fawning clearly yearned for a true connection. Lust for Youth sees Hannes Norrvide and Malthe Fischer taking some familiar strides, though to another place. The disaffected balearia is this time rendered into brighter pop compositions that bustle with intricate production. No longer galvanizing us with hooks, but with a songcraft unhindered by anxiety, the album presents a cohesion not seen in the project until now. Lyrically, the apprehension still hangs like tinsel. Often garish and celebratory, the droll mischief is this time more pointed, more personal, and far more self-aware. A thread of reflections upon the state of the world is artfully wound throughout the album, casting a quiet force upon the detachment of Norrvide’s vocals.

Lust for Youth have been one of love’s most honest confrères, detailing the pangs of what is all too often a sullen process. On this occasion, they look up. The pull of the world is different for us all, but it pulls us all.

Tour dates:
Thu. Oct. 17 – Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere
Fri. Oct. 18 – Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall 
Sat. Oct. 19 – Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA
Sun. Oct. 20 – Hamden, CT @ Space Ballroom
Tue. Oct. 22 – Somerville, MA @ ONCE Ballroom
Wed. Oct. 23 – Montreal, QC @ La Vitrola
Thu. Oct. 24 – Toronto, ON @ The Garrison
Fri. Oct. 25 – Detroit, MI @ UFO Factory
Sat. Oct. 26 – Chicago, IL @ Sleeping Village
Mon. Oct. 28 – Vancouver, BC @ Fox Cabaret
Tue. Oct. 29 – Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey
Wed. Oct. 30 – Portland, OR @ Polaris Hall
Thu. Oct. 31 – San Francisco, CA @ SF Eagle
Fri. Nov. 1 – Oakland, CA @ Starline Social Club

Lust For Youth track list:
1. New Balance Point
2. Insignificant 
3. Venus De Milo
4. Great Concerns
5. Fifth Terrace
6. Adrift
7. Imola
8. By No Means

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