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Gavin Brown Takes On Gore | Interview + Album Release Special

May 20, 2019

Dutch instrumental mathcore legends Gore have had a triumphant year to date, following the release of their comeback album Revanche which was released on Exile on Mainstream in March.

After 25+ years since their first releae the band have treurn and re-rcorded 10 out of the original 20 tracks and they’re here to prove a point. Gavin Brown spent some chatting to the band to find out more….

You have just released a remastered version of your fourth album entitled Revanche. Why did you decide to revisit the album out now?

It’s originally called ‘Lifelong Deadline’ and the time was right to do it, I mean we had time to rework it, it took us more or less 2 years.  

What does the new title relate to? 

 ‘Revanche’ is like in getting even, break even if you will, because we have always been very dissatisfied with the original ‘Lifelong Deadline’ album.

You worked with producers Terry Date and Howie Weinberg on the remastered. How was it working with them and what did they bring to the experience? 

Being an instrumental act GORE’s music and sound is quite extreme and asks for a somehow a mainstream but nevertheless heavy approach, Terry and Howie have for sure the right chops to ensure that.  

How did the process of remastering the album go? 

Slowly,… back and forth and back and forth and back and forth,…

What is the main difference between the old and new material? 

Just the sound.

What are your main memories of when you recorded the original album? 

  Too much hype, too much expectations, to less control.

What made you choose Lifelong Deadlong as the album to rework?

For me it’s the only GORE album/material that stands the test of time, I have written it almost 30 years ago and it still kicks serious ass where all our other releases sound somehow dated and very much 80’s/90’s alike.

Have you got any plans to revisit any of your other work?


Is there the chance that we will see any brand new material from Gore? 


To coincide with Revanches release, you brought out a documentary charting the bands storied career. How did it feel revisiting your history like this?

 It’s not finished yet but I already feel it’s very rewarding to see yourself being put in some kind of perspective you can relate to.

What have been some of the highlights throughout Gores career? 

It was a great ride overall, at least it’s a cool story to tell our children’s children.

You have recently played a small number of shows in Belgium and Germany celebrating your return to the live stage. How did those shows go?

 Personally I didn’t feel to good about it, we need more routine, this will take a little time but by the end of the summer we will be on our killing level again I can promise you that.

How did it feel to be back on stage for the first time since the 1990s? 

 We all kept playing music live throughout the 23 years we split, so as far as getting on a stage this wasn’t to frantic, but to be back in the same line up as way back when was really very, very strange,… but cool, and rewarding, a true proof of friendship.

Having been away for so long, We’re there any nerves at all before you hit the stage? 


Have your sets been focussing on Lifelong Deadlong/Revanche or did you play a mixture of material throughout your career?

No, we just play the complete ‘Revanche’ album.

You just played at the legendary Roadburn Festival. How did the show go? 

As said before, I wasn’t to happy with it.

How did the offer to play at Roadburn come about? 

 Walter Hoeijmakers, the director asked me already 12 years ago when Southern Lord released the first 2 albums, but Danny and Pieter being the original line-up to these albums didn’t feel for it so it didn’t happen. Now it was different because the line-up of ‘Lifelong Deadline’ with Bardo and Johan remained friends over the years and when Walter heard of the re-release he asked again and we were happy to confirm although I think we better would have waited a year,

What were the highlights of the festival and did you catch any of the other acts that were playing? 

 No. Although a lot of great music I don’t like festivals at all, I go only to small club shows with 1 headliner and 1 support max.

How do you bring the music of Gore to life in a live setting? 

 Working your ass off.

Will you be performing live again at any time this year? 

 Yes we will be around, check our dates on Facebook  and

How does it feel to be cited as such an influence on so many heavy bands? 

 That has always been the biggest bullshit, made up by the media, it’s true we were groundbreaking; check out ‘Revanche’, but we were also definitely very marginal.

Who are some of your biggest influences as a musician? 

  John Lennon and Herman Brood

What music are you listening to and enjoying at the moment? 

I like all music, no shit, it’s the only language you can’t lie in. Recently I am playing ‘Sun Kill Moon’ a lot and a great Belgium band called  ‘Brutus’ as well ‘Wiegedood’, also from Belgium.

A huge thank you for your time with Circuit Sweet

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