Charity Album Smoke Rainbows Released In Aid Of Music Minds Matter

May 19, 2019

Various Artists in aid of Help Musicians UK’s’ Music Minds Matter mental health support service

Out Now [purchase here]

Vinyl, CD and 24-bit Hi-Res Release
with Heat Reactive Thermochromic artwork

Smoke Rainbows has been created to raise funds for Music Minds Matter, the around the clock listening ear support service from independent music charity Help Musicians UK. It is a unique, collectible compilation album, that brings together a rare mix of musical talent, who have lovingly produced knockout ‘one-take-no-edits-no-overdubs’ performances at Abbey Road Studio 2. These include The Magic Numbers, Pat Dam Smyth, Charlie Wood, The Leisure Society, and Magic Lantern. 
The album is the brainchild of CIC and publisher Karousel Music and York St JohnUniversity, who teamed up with Help Musicians UK, together with Monks Road, to invite 12 artists to record across four days as part of York St John’s annual music production project.

Here’s what Smoke Rainbows artists The Magic Lantern and Pat Dam Smyth had to say about what being part of the album meant to them:
The Magic Lantern added “I know I’m lucky to be a musician, it’s what I love to do. But it’s not always easy to put yourself out there. So much of what I’m trying to do with my music is to try and express both the complexities and the beauties of life. I’m such a big fan of Help Musicians UK because they get it, and they’re there for musicians when they really need it. They’ve got my back and that means everything. I hope this record will help others to appreciate the work they do for musicians, and support them.”
Pat Dam Smyth said “the inner workings of musicians in a world of do-it-yourself are maniacal even in the best circumstances. Sometimes it’s too much to bear and the situations are so specifically unique to musicians that there are few places of refuge to go to or understand. Help Musicians is one of these places. It offers a profound and unique help to our soldiers of sound. I’ve seen too much tragedy in music in the past and to have a charity solely dedicated to the musicians plight is a light that we can walk to in a world where an artist is expected to take on ever mounting responsibilities. The chance to support the charity in the most famous studio in the world by being part of this album was perfect.”

1. The Leisure Society ‘Last of the melting snow’

2. The Magic Numbers ‘Wayward’

3. Penny Police ‘Take on a little love’

4. The Magic Lantern ‘Different paths’

5. Matt Deighton ‘Overshadowed’

6. Rory Butler ‘Mind your business’

7. Bloom ‘People like you’

8. Charlie Wood ‘Grand piano’

9. Ren Harvieu ‘Little raven’

10. The Blow Monkeys ‘Fortune’s wheel’

11. Pat Dam Smyth ‘Where the light goes’

12. Tyni ‘Fighter’

17th May 2019
£20 for VINYL and £15 for CD – plus whatever you can afford to donate.)
Available direct from Music Glue
Buy here:
Digital version to be released by Karousel Music.

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