ZAMILSKA: Polish producer announces her new album “Uncovered” for July 19th self-release- Hear “Blind” now

April 28, 2019
Pictured: ‘Uncovered’ album artwork


– Announces album ‘Uncovered’
– To be released on July 19th
  Available digitally from May 10th
– Hear new track “Blind”

After dropping single Hollow last month, Polish producer ZAMILSKA has announced new album details and shared another new track.

New LP ‘Uncovered’ is set to drop digitally on May 10th, with a physical release date of July 19th“It’s about getting something out, to be able to start again, to rise,” she explains. The record is about the concept of levitation, framed as an emotional feat, and on the cover her body arches in unnatural positions, as if an exorcism is taking place. This uncanny pose is based on old photos she had become interested in, that became an inspiration for the record’s artwork and emotional resonance: “It’s about floating upwards, not about falling down.” 

Now she shares a second taste of the record, entitled “Blind”, a track for the most solitary dance-floor moments in the loneliest part of the night.

Natalia Zamilska has been making music on a computer since she was a teenager. By her early 20s she had started to play live. For her first show she had no laptop, and so took her whole desktop PC to set up on stage. These early performances were often in Katowice, the cultural centre in the mining region of Silesia where she grew up. The sound and feeling of the surrounding mines were a normal part of life, and she remembers feeling ground vibrations from detonations regularly. On the launch of her first album, she remembers what felt like an earthquake:“My flat was moving,” she says. “Just for two seconds, but I felt it. Welcome to Silesia.”
Those geological rumbles must have been a tectonic blessing, whose weight and energy carried through into her music, which while its heart looks to soar in mesmeric samples and textural highs, is always grounded by these sounds: the rumbles of deep mining and industrial attacks on the earth. Her industrial techno is not built from straight kicks and bass, but formed from a geological heaviness, the echoes of vast caverns and concrete bunkers. On ‘Uncovered’, these deep sounds are excavated and the details are simultaneously revealed – a duality captured in a single word that evokes both depth and a bringing of things to the surface. It is the play between the rising up, letting go and being vulnerable, while still being deeply anchored, that makes her music special.
Following in the wake of 2016’s ‘Undone’ and 2014’s ‘Untune’, ‘Uncovered’ is the third in a trilogy, the completion of a journey and marking a step change in her career. There is a three-year gap between ‘Undone’ and the forthcoming release, but she has not been at rest. At home, she has played on the biggest stage in Poland, worked with the Szczecin Philharmonic orchestra on a special performance to mark Polish independence, and been nominated for the Polish equivalent of Grammy for her second album. Her music has also been used by Dior for a catwalk in Japan, she has remixed Gazelle Twin for the TV Show How to Get Away With Murder, and her music was used in the computer game RUINER. She has performed at Transmusicales, CTM, Primavera, Norbergfestival, TodaysArt, Insomnia, Fantoche, all the while producing tracks for other Polish musicians.

She has also been hosting her own radio show on Polish national digital radio for the last two years, inhaling new music at an intense rate and offering a new perspective on her own voice. The radio show gave her a new confidence, and she began to record herself for the first time, building vocals into the tracks that now make up‘Uncovered’. But this is no sugary synth pop record, these vocals are distorted for her archetypal industrial techno – bent and uncanny, eerie and inexplicable like her body on the album’s cover. 
“I think I only have one dream,” she says, “to continue to do what I do, to make music. I finished one chapter and have started the next – it’s a strange time full of rumination. There is something around the corner, and I just need to be calm. I’m always saying that to myself: calm down Zamilska, calm down.”
‘Uncovered’ track list:
1. Message
2. Dolls
3. Hospital
4. Still
5. Hollow
6. Gape
7. Alive
8. Delusion
9. Prisoner
10. Blind
11. Back
12. Front
13. Done

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