uh release new single ‘Seasick in Salts’ via PRAH Recordings

April 28, 2019
Photo Credit: Jack Taylor Gotch.

‘Seasick in Salts’

Out Now on PRAH Recordings

UK sister-brother duo uh have released ‘Seasick in Salts,’ the first taste of their music to appear via PRAH Recordings. On ‘Seasick In Salts,’uh display a preternatural ability to ground long-form composition and experimental production in traditional songwriting and then wrap it up superbly in pastoral melodies and cryptic lyricism. Across its 8-minute running time, uh take you on a space-dub trip composed of rubbery synths, blissed out grooves, squelches and bleeps.

“We created this tune a long time ago when our equipment was pretty basic, it’s kept growing and still does in live performance. It’s always had a seasick feel, we have a lot of fun with how disorientated it makes us feel. Its like a cross genre of; Romeo’s last soliloquy meets a dodgey sea sick western”.

Siblings Dominic and Fionnuala Kennedy grew up in Harlesden in North West London, where their parents had moved from the west coast of Ireland before they were born. However, they both spent a great deal of time back in their ancestral homeland growing up, taking in the countryside and absorbing its parallels to their bustling metropolis upbringing – something that’s undoubtedly seeped into their music.

‘uh’ is one of the most common sounds heard in the English language. An imitative that holds no linguistic meaning, it’s nevertheless a sound recognised by everyone; it could be a hesitation, an exclamation of distrust, a grunt of effort. For Dominic and Fionnuala it’s this ambiguity of the term that draws them to it.

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