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April 14, 2019






German-Luxembourgish electro-pop trio Say Yes Dog have announced their sophomore album ‘Voyage’ will be released on 10th May via Discodogs Records.

Following first single ‘Deep Space’, the band have now shared new track ‘Lies’, another example of their euphorically restrained and sophisticatedly infectious electronic sound. They say: “In ‘Lies’ we hear someone reminiscing about a relationship, torn between ending it and not really being able to leave it behind completely. He wants himself to stop lying but caught up in nostalgia about his love and the times spent together, he keeps struggling with that decision”. About the song’s writing process, they add: “In the production for the album, this was one of the first ideas that Aaron came up with and we all immediately fell for the rumbly flow and the catching simplicity of the demo version. We started working on it, spending time on arranging the parts, choosing the sounds, filling up the arrangement and letting it rest for a while until we realized that we lost something very important on the way during our enthusiastic dive into the production. So we almost went back to the start, this time only taking care of the elements that really meant something to us, and most importantly trying to preserve the original mood to get this strong feeling back that we had, when we first heard the idea of the song.”

A lot has happened since the release of Luxembourg’s electro-pop best kept secret’s debut album ‘Plastic Love’.

The invitations to play festivals in far away places like India, Korea and Vietnam seemed the perfect excuses for the band to pack their bags and go in search of adventures: they got to meet the venerable Mr Kobayashi while in Japan on a hunt to find some rare synthesisers; they wondered the golden opium fields, crocodile-infested lakes and jungles of Vietnam; they were granted an audience with the King of Accra in Ghana, which almost ended them in jail. They got lost in Seoul, looking for Tarantino’s favourite bar, and they found themselves sipping tea with a prince in the Rajasthan desert.

It may all sounds like an action movie plot, but it simply was Aaron, Pascal and Paul’s journey of a lifetime. ‘Voyage’ seems a fitting name for an album inevitably inspired by the band’s unforgettable travels and stories. But the title also refers to their undying love for the 80s Space nostalgia aesthetics.

The result is a clean, minimalistic and honest album, which sums up the core message of ‘Voyage’: Say Yes Dog have travelled far, come far, and are now exactly where they should be – in their own galaxy of artful, heart-warming electro-pop. Their sound has matured into songs with a higher attention to melody and driving hooks, but with both feet firmly set on the dance floor.

Say Yes Dog will be touring in the UK and Germany in the coming months, with more dates to be announced soon.

 26.04 – Capitol – Hannover, Germany *w/Fil Bo Riva

27.04 – Sputnikhalle – Münster, Germany *w/Fil Bo Riva

28.04 – Trix – Antwerpen, Belgium *w/Fil Bo Riva

30.04 – Backstage – Paris, FRANCE *w/Fil Bo Riva

01.05 – Oslo – London, UK *w/Fil Bo Riva

02.05 – Paradiso – Amsterdam, Netherlands

11.05 – Ausgehen mit Freunden – Bielefeld, Germany

12.05 – Queer Festival – Heidelberg, Germany

17.05 – Ahoii Festival – Freiburg, Germany

31.05 – Eurovercity – Dresden, Germany

10.06 – Dots Open Air – Göttingen, Germany

29.06 – Slowdown Festival – Nuremberg, Germany

21.07 – Wiltz Fetival – Wiltz, Luxembourg w/Bilderbuch

27.07 – Juicy Beats Festival – Dortmund, Germany

02.08 – Jenseits von Millionen – Burg, Germany

03.08- Appletree Garden – Diepholz, Germany

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