London post-punk group ICE BATHS release new single ‘Auster’

April 14, 2019



‘Decadent Sprinter’ EP released May 31st via Blank Editions [pre-order]

With new single ‘Auster’, London post-punk quartet Ice Baths have unveiled the thunderous opening track to their forthcoming EP, ‘Decadent Sprinter’. The track follows hot on the heels of their previous single ‘Simulation’.

‘Auster’ serves as a great introduction to the EP demonstrating Ice Baths penchant for finding the sweet spot between exhilarating and thoughtful. Motorik drums merge with guitars that hiss and rattle as the track surges towards its stirring conclusion.

“Auster is a song that we have been playing for a long time, possible one of the oldest songs we have and still play. One thing that has been pretty consistent with us is our vocals and lyrics are generally quite obscured and low in the mix… With Auster we took this another step by recording 2 different lines of vocals on top of one another throughout the verse… Although this was actually a mistake as Alex thought Tom was singing something totally different when writing… None the less it worked out and we played with this in the recordings with the second line of vocals hovering in the background, offering a subconscious alternative reality…”

Decadent Sprinter’ is arriving May 31st via Blank Editions and is being issued as a 1-sided 12” vinyl so it can be experienced as a seamless, unbroken listening experience. The EP was recorded in the confines of industrial North Greenwich with producer Euan Hinshelwood in his analogue tape studio. Last month Ice Baths recorded a BBC 6 Music session with Tom Ravenscroft.

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