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INTRODUCING: LOFT. Tri-Angle Records artist announces debut EP & shares first single “That Hyde Trakk” – EP ‘and departt from mono games’ due May 3rd

April 7, 2019
Photo credit: Xanthe Hutchinson


– Announces debut EP ‘and departt from mono games’ due May 3rd via Tri Angle Records
– Shares new single “That Hyde Trakk”

For the last couple of years LOFT, aka Aya Sinclair, has quietly been producing some of the most exciting, mind-bending electronic music to emerge out of a constantly mutating scene of underground, DIY club producers. and departt from mono games, her new EP, and her debut release on Tri Angle Records, due May 3rd, is an exhilarating continuation of a sound that’s increasingly hard to classify, separating her from the crowd and confirming why she’s undoubtedly one to watch.  

First single That Hyde Trakk, is a stunning example of LOFT’s impressive artistic growth since emerging in 2016, transforming what could have been standard 90s drum and bass elements into genuinely new shapes. Whiplash inducing drum patterns and beautiful ambient synth waves are twisted and contorted, expertly thrown together and built up into a blistering, breath-taking crescendo of storming break beats and blown out bass. It’s possibly her most explosive track to date. 

Elsewhere on the record “And Eats Itself And Eats Itself And Eats Itself” sounds like acid house being reassembled in a myriad of unpredictable twists and turns as quickly as it’s being disassembled from it’s original form, and “sSLABicks” takes the EP into murkier, more abstract territory, showing off LOFT’s impeccable sound design as it continually collapses and rebuilds in on itself, perhaps communicating something about it’s creators pondering on ideas of identity in flux. 

“‘and departt from mono games’ digests the crisis of identity I experienced across the time of writing. Everything on this record has been consolidated into a final state, reimported and rearranged; a reflection of the splintering and recombination of my self-image. The result is sedimentary slabs of experience compounded to form a sound ecology in which the arrow of time splits along the shaft. I’m glad that I’ve reached a period of relative emotional stability at the same time as this record’s release. This is an aggregate of 3 years of instability.” – LOFT

‘and departt from mono games’ track list:
1. Lassanamae
2. And Eats Itself And Eats Itself And Eats Itself
3. sSLABicks
4. That Hyde Trakk

Pre-order EP via Bandcamp –

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