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Dead Horse Beats unveils “Home Days” | New LP out 24th May

April 14, 2019

Dead Horse Beats unveils “Home Days” | New LP out 24th May

‘Home Days’ – the newest single from Dead Horse Beats – is the Montreal producer’s latest entry into his catalogue of soulful R&B tunes. 
While the beatmaker’s hip hop influences are evident in the thickness and solidity of the rhythm section, equal stylistic weight is given to the concise melodies of late 70s funk songs by the likes of Bootsy Collins or O.V. Wright and the drifting guitars, synths, and sensibilities of modern pop music.

Featuring a shimmering clavinet performance by Francis Arseneau and the dynamic guitars of Gabriel White, the single is the first release from his upcoming LP Inglaterra, which is scheduled for a summer 2019 release with Brooklyn imprint Bastard Jazz Recordings.

Dead Horse Beats is the project of multi-instrumentalist Patrick Wade who has been working under the moniker since 2010.

 Inglaterra sees Dead Horse Beats push further into the soulful sound established in 2016’s Bad Hopes EP, with lush, jazzy chord progressions and sax hooks, all held together by the signature DHB pristine production. Wade’s vocals take center stage on this album, with a greater focus on lyrics. The Spanish word for England; Inglaterra explores the concept of a rainy vacation through deep, spacey grooves complimenting typically pessimistic but vulnerable lyrics.

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