We Never Learned To Live release new video single ‘Android Anaesthetist’

March 7, 2019

‘Android Anaesthetist’ takes no time in introducing itself as a thunderous reacquaintance of all that We Never Learned To Live are so masterful at. Caustic screams and guitar grooves come hurtling out the gates, ebbing and flowing with entrancing post-rock eloquence and mesmerising vocal dramatics as the track unravels itself.

Throughout it’s runtime there is a feeling of timelessness akin to Satellite Years-era Hopesfall and progressiveness comparable to Deftones, whilst retaining the bands own identity. In a genre as overtrodden as post-hardcore, it’s the duality and deftness of the bands approach that will no doubt leave listeners in awe.

“Restrained and dazed on an operating table, a robotic arm is attaching a mask to your face. The speakers pressing against your ears are playing an automated voice telling you to relax, breathe and count to ten. The soundtrack to this scene is our new single ‘Android Anaesthetist’, a whirlwind of distorted urgency and dreamlike melody that we are especially excited to release. The accompanying video is a compilation of live clips taken on our recent tour in Germany and Austria supporting Fjørt.” – Sean (vocals)

We Never Learned To Live’s sophomore album is out via Holy Roar Records and Through Love Records on 10th May 2019. 


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