Short People (Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Bad For Lazarus, Clever Thing) share new video ‘You Know I’m Weird’

March 3, 2019

Short People

New video ‘You Know I’m Weird’

Brighton’s Short People are made up of the likes of local royalty that’re guaranteed to turn heads, and they’ve just released their brand new video for debut single ‘You Know I’m Weird’. 

 Fronted by Rich Fownes (Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Bad For Lazarus, Clever Thing) and taking an exciting new direction, Short People are a gut-punch of angular and spirited rock n’ roll.

Bred from the town’s famous Brighton Electric, the all-star cast consist of fellow ex-Bad For Lazarus guitarist RV Monroe, Sam Morris of The Hungry Mothers, Tom Nichols of Yakul and Loa Loa, and William Jack Parker on drums, whose credits include mountain residing salsa bands.  

‘You Know I’m Weird’ is a bold introduction to the band, and the first track written by the group as a unit. Taking a new philosophy in songwriting, Fownes has begun focussing more on the initial vocal hook before introducing the music. 

“Often it’s a joke or poignant moment said out loud that I write down, and sing whatever melody just comes naturally with it, so these songs have a really honest and conversational feeling. It also means I’m not allowed to disguise any meaning. It’s palpably hurts having to sing some parts, and makes me almost scared to release others; but I think that honesty and spontaneity was always missing before.”  

The single is released alongside B-side ‘Fix My Fidget’ and both tracks perfectly encapsulate the bands intelligent, jagged art-rock, in their wry lyrics, upbeat and accomplished musicianship and more. Having been in and out of many successful projects there’s a sense that Rich Fownes has found that rare thing; a band that allows him to stretch his creative wings as well as providing a strong foundation with which to back it up.  Of his new comrades, he tells us “it floated together naturally. We knew each other’s tastes, and as people, so clearly before we ever strummed a chord it always felt like an easy fit. Some of our sensibilities can be quite random to civilians (we put the band together under the premise of The Stooges playing Randy Newman songs) but there’s always been a natural understanding when we jam. We like it as cute as it is obnoxious.”

The band: 

Rich Fownes (Vox / Guitar)

Sam Morris (Vox / Acoustic)

Tom Nichols (Bass)

RV Monroe (Piano)

William Jack Parker (Drums) 

Tour dates: 

13th March – Brighton, The Prince Albert w/ Calva Louise

16th March – London, DIY Thursdays, The Engine Rooms

12th April – Brighton, Brighton Electric w LibraLibra 



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