Psychrock/Kraut Quintet KAMALA Announce New Album “Your Sugar” Out late March!

March 5, 2019

Psychedelic/ Kraut Quintet KAMALA New Album Your Sugar in late March on Tonzonen Records

Moving together from West to East, Kamala found their creative hideout in the burgeoning music and art scene of Leipzig (GER). After two years in which Kamala discovered the city and made it their own, the band defined their style and released the debut album Radial Perception (2018).

Already in 2017 Kamala supported international acts like The Babe Rainbow (AUS) and 10000 Russos (PRT). Since then they have entertained the Zytanien FestivalReverberation Festival, four times in two years the legendary Burg Herzberg Festival, the Feast of Friends and toured all over Germany with Bands like Love Machine (GER) and CHIKN (GRC).

Playful and creative rhythms pulsating over a wide range of melodies from melancholy to ecstasy entranced the Leipzig underground. Soon word of the spellbinding Kamala experience spread all over the German underground psych scene.

Kamala‘s second full length Your Sugar takes this complexity and simplicity to an intense next level. The band has developed and deepened their distinctive style of Psych-rock, Jazz and Krautrock.

Your Sugar will be released in late March on Tonzonen Records and debuted live on multiple occasions during the next months across Germany and Europe.


1. Morning Sighs

2. Chronic Burden

3. Your Sugar

4. Azucena

5. Country Dog

6. Absorber

7. Losing It Sometimes

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