L’Eclair to release new album Sauropoda on 24th May on Beyond Beyond is Beyond

March 15, 2019

to release new album 
Sauropoda on 24th May
on Beyond Beyond is Beyond

What do you need to know about Swiss groovers, L’Eclair’s new record? Let’s see. It was recorded in an undisclosed location in the mountains over the course of two days in October 2018 and it contains five tracks lasting approximately 37 minutes. The music is freer…it was captured live in the studio, there are very few overdubs, and it’s mega-organic. But you better listen for yourself.

Oh, and it’s called Sauropoda but don’t ask why. Think of it as a 2am Youtube rabbit-hole find, or that weird-looking soviet prog funk private press that you knew you should’ve bought the one time you came across it in the bins.

Most of Sauropoda comes from deep jams the band road-tested following the recording of 2018’s breakthrough LP, Polymood – whichwas a further expansion on L’Eclair’s quest to channel and honor their Afro-Disco, Kosmische, and early House 70s influences. Sauropoda actually sounds more like a L’Eclair live show…blended with carefully-crafted dance floor grooves, last-minute studio fantasies, and fully-faded late night jams. L’Eclair is all about the blending of things, and those things never sound the same twice; endlessly morphing like the human machine itself.

Dive into the 12 minute “Endless Dave” HERE

Sauropoda is the way L’Eclair sounds right now in proto-groove’s golden age. But don’t let your head get in the way and try too hard to classify this music. Instead focus on the the way Sauropoda makes you f.e.e.l. and take your time and make it last. That’s what L’Eclair are up to!

Sauropda is out 24th May on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records.
Pre-order link here

L’Eclair is:
Sébastien Bui – International Keys
Elie Ghersinu – Dino Bass
Stefan Lilov – Broken Wah Guitar
Yavor Lilov – Kicker’s Delight/Endless Kick/Bronto Kick
Quentin Pilet – Bongos Driver
Alain Sandri – Mellow Lifestyle and Congas
DJ Laxxiste – 440 FX

Beyond Beyond is Beyond

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