Kid Millions (Oneida, Man Forever) and Greg Fox announce new duo album Biting Through

March 22, 2019

Fox Millions Duo announce new album
Biting Through
out on Record Store Day 2019, April 13th

Fox Millions Duo is the collaboration between percussionists
Greg Fox and Kid Millions

Fox Millions Duo is the convergence of two of New York’s most sought after percussionists, Greg Fox and John Colpitts aka Kid Millions. On Record Store Day 2019 (April 13th) the pair will release their new collaborative recording, Biting Through as a limited-run LP. Employing modular synthesis to lift their already inventive music in unexpected ways, Biting Through pushes the sonic and compositional potential of the drum kit to the limits, creating some of the most fearless and exhilarating music in either player’s catalogue.  

Biting Through was written and recorded over the course of two weeks in the summer at Menegroth Studio with Colin Marston. During that time and since, Fox and Colpitts have both maintained an impressive schedule of solo releases and collaborations. Colpitts plays in Oneida, helms Man Forever and is one half of People of the North. Colpitts has played regularly with Royal TruxLaurie AndersonJim SauterSpiritualized and more. Fox has recently released music with Zs,PC WorshipUniform and Ex Eye with Colin Stetson, and has collaborated with artists from Dan Deacon to Hieroglyphic Being

Fox Millions Duo – Biting Through
1. Biting Through
2. Clasp
3. Nine Years of Facing A Wall
4. The Gulf
5. Wealth
6. Be
Limited-edition vinyl version of the album will be available from all good independent record stores on Record Store Day 2019, April 13

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