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In Pictures: 1% of One Presents Bayonne – Live At The Louisiana Bristol March 21st 2019

March 22, 2019

1% of One Presents Bayonne Live At The Louisiana Bristol March 21st 2019

March 21st, 1% of One promoter’s hosted an unmissable night of perfect live music at The Louisiana. Texas-based Bayonne, aka Roger Sellers, traveled to Bristol on the last leg of his UK tour following previous dates in Leeds, Brighton, Manchester and London. Bristol was the final chance to see this mesmerizing musician live before his current tour takes him to Europe, in support of latest album ‘Drastic Measures’.

Kick-starting the evening, delectable songstress Emily Magpie took to the stage. Bristol based resident artist and multi-instrumentalist Emily Spetch – aka Emily Magpie hyped the audience with her tenacious orchestrations before Bayonne took to the stage and left the audience in awe.

Captivated by the gripping and fortuitous sounds being created in front of the crowd, the room felt smaller as all came together to witness Bayonne relish in his live environment. Performing a mixture of tracks from his new sophomore album release ‘Drastic Measures’ which was released earlier this year (February 22nd) via City Slang and those well-known classics from this standout debut album ‘Primitives’ released back in 2016.

QA’ opened the show and from the get-go the audience witnessed Sellers abilities to build each of his compositions, creating such complex textures, endless layers and prismatic tones and harmonies. We witnessed Bayonne have the ability to captivate his crowd’s attention for the full hour long set. It felt like a trance with everyone moving along to the sonic waves. When one man takes to the stage and creates a sound so rich and full throughout; you are left in wonderment.

Performing tracks such as ‘Drastic Measures‘, ‘Appeals’, ‘I Know‘ and a heroic highlight was the live version and standout creation for ‘Abilia‘, that immersive build up was phenomenal- the set really had it all.

Sellers stands tall and mighty on a stage which must feel daunting for one person. A multi-instrumentalist who effortlessly creates the sound of an act at least 4/5 persons big- and yet here we witness one musician stand on that stage and own it all. He owns his rhythms. It’s remarkable to see a creative resonate within his music, this music is his world and the audience is extremely lucky to be let into Bayonne‘s environment- an intimate entity.

Throughout his set, Bayonne stepped out of his comfort zone that he created on stage, stepped away from his pedals and piano and reached out to the audience. Sellers relished the response from his fans, he’s mastered crowd participation. From the crowd clapping with him, cheering along, to Bayonne recording his triumphant applause and live looping that back through an interlude- your eyes were continuously fixated. Hypnotizing loops, layers and intricate vocals, it was a flawless performance.

Bayonne knows his material and understands his instruments to such a great extent that within his instrumentation he leaves room to improvise and rework to whatever moment Sellers is in. Each track skillfully controlled throughout. Bayonne is a sound artist, a desirable composer who designs his structure and builds on ample layers. A must-see.

All Images by Oli Montez

Please email oli@circuitsweet.co.uk for copies/ permission of use.


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