Hobby Club release debut EP ‘Video Days’ on Heist or Hit

March 10, 2019
Charlie Ratcliffe

Hobby Club release debut EP ‘Video Days‘ on
Heist or Hit (Her’s, Pizzagirl)

Having released two singles, For Maurice, their ode to local weirdo Maurice G. Flitcroft and dreamers everywhere and Bedroom, the jolly lament of heartbreak, jangle-pop duo Hobby Club release their debut EP Video Days on Manchester tastemaker label Heist or Hit (Her’s,Pizzagirl).

With a sound as unique as their vision of the world due to the unusual eye condition they only discovered they shared after first meeting, each Hobby Club track gives domesticity and slate grey skies a rosy hue with their hopeful melancholy.
The EP was recorded  and shaped entirely by guitarist Joe’s favourite childhood spot, an ex-shipyard canteen. He describes that “even though we were never given any kind of deadline we suddenly felt pressed for time as soon as the recording began.” 
It becomes easy to pinpoint the juxtaposition of their cheery sound with the more frazzled undertones of ‘Video Days’ as Joe continues, “that anxious feeling became a reality when the studio was on the ropes, that uncertain period began to stamp its authority all over the tracks.”
When Beth arrived for recording the duo had to go “under cover of darkness in order to get everything done” and remain undetected in the derelict building.

It’s this perseverance and friendship combined with the honesty of Beth’s vocals that gives the EP it’s light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel approach: “While a rawness persists I also think there is a warm glow to it that only a building like that produces, long nights crowded around the heater playing Tekken 2 with Beth throwing in the occasional nap for good measure.”
‘Video Days’ is out now, available on all streaming platforms.

Hobby Club are playing an instore EP launch at Sister Midnight Records in London on 22ndMarch.

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