Closet Organ release new AA-side single!

March 30, 2019

Glasgow based four-piece Closet Organ have released their double a-side single Smells Like Lynx Africa / Fat & Die: An Autobiography, out now and released 29th March via Cow Tongue Taco Records.

Originally formed in Kirkintilloch on the outskirts of Glasgow, Closet Organ are a motley crew of musicians brought together by their shared love of scuzzy alternative rock music. Led by the inimitable vocal stylings of Stephen McLeod Blythe, Closet Organ sound like Mclusky having a fist fight with The Smashing Pumpkins in a universe far, far away.

As they say themselves, “the one thing that we never wanted to be is yet another band full of boring bastards playing the same generic indie/classic rock pish that is indistinguishable from the band that came before them.”. Having achieved this goal with aplomb, Closet Organ have set about unleashing a double a-side single that sonically packs a punch and lyrically challenges.

Having lost a close friend a year ago, the single explores themes of mental health issues. The lyrics tackle the difficulties of dealing with our own mental health while attempting to gain approval and validation from our social media interactions. Modern living dictates a need to maintain one’s ‘brand’, to show our worth through statistics, which, in turn, prevents us from escaping the cycle despite the pressures associated with our habitual self interest.

Produced by Charlie Francis (Victorian English ClubFuture Of The Left), the double a-side release will precede a mini tour this summer as Closet Organ aim to share their distinctive sound with a wider audience.

Smells Like Lynx Africa / Fat & Die: An Autobiography, due for release on 29th March via Cow Tongue Taco Records.

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