Agar Agar release ‘Sorry About The Carpet’ Colors Session

March 22, 2019

Agar Agar’s mesmeric track Sorry About The Carpet’ was a shimmering slice of noir electropop and a highlight from last years debut album ‘The Dog And The Future .

Now, the band have unveiled a stunning Colors session of the track which underlines their beguiling chemistry and charisma. Throughout the video, singer Clara Cappagli and keyboardist Armand Bultheel create a wonderful tension that seeps through the frames of the video.

Last year was a breakout year for Agar Agar, as they released their sensational debut record ‘The Dog and The Future’, a debut that was awash with vintage synth tones, unique melodies and a sense of mysticism. The band also played a stunning show at London’s Village Underground, one that merged the hedonism of a rave with the unhinged ferocity of a live performance.

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