Oya Paya Release New Single ‘Fly’

February 9, 2019
Danny Ryder & Karis Griffith

Art-Rock trio Oya Paya release soaring new single Fly

Based out of Liverpool, but counting four countries of heritage amongst the three members (Singapore, France, Iran, England) AshwinMaxime and Saam AKA Oya Paya are products of both the vastness of the material world and the intimate interconnectivity the internet brings.  

Beleaguered by geographical distance after drummer Ashwin ran into visa issues and returned home to his native Singapore – Oya Paya would be forgiven for feeling sorry for themselves, however the three-piece take life’s frustrations and turn them into key inspiration for their music. Belying the troubles, both serious and small, that they riff on their tunes are technicolour sonic affairs, always accompanied by self-designed otherworldly cartoon art and oddball humour. 

This being the case, the genre-bending trio follow recent odes to immigration woes and abused generosity with the soaring, sunny 90s groove of Fly. They detail the mantra behind the track below: 

“Fly is about being able to overcome the negative vibes that can surround anyone throughout their journey through the vacuum of time. 

On this journey, our inner ambitions of finding peace become difficult with obstacles such as “the man”, “the taxman”, and of course “slenderman” weighing heavily on whatever the outcome may be. 

 If we told that little voice inside our heads to Fly away, life would certainly be a little less stressful. 

Like our last two singles, this was an overseas job, recorded and mixed between the UK and Singapore using nothing else but morse code… and the internet.” 

This patchwork approach to weaving the songs together bit by bit between the UK and Singapore, or wherever each individual happened to be at any one time, is also echoed in the magpie attitude to genre. Throughout the process they meticulously pick out elements of indie-rock, hip-hop, world music and pop and pull them together in a unique, exotic style. This process is also entirely contained to their bedrooms, the entire project sticking to a DIY ethos, including artwork and visuals.  

With Ashwin available to visit the UK for a few months, Oya Paya have been strutting their stuff on stage once again as a three-piece to acclaim, without the need for fibre-optic cables and WiFi linked projectors. 

Fly is the new single from Oya Paya and it is out now- released on February 8th

Oya Paya Online 

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