HONEY 2 HONEY share new single ‘Tone of Voice’, announce new EP ‘A Taste Of’, due 5th April on Chapter Music

February 2, 2019
Grace Stevenson


Announce new EP A Taste Of, due 5th April
via Chapter Music

Share new single ‘Tone of Voice’

A Taste Of is the debut EP by Canberra/Sydney dub R’n’B foursome Honey 2 Honey.

Originally a duo of Rory Stenning (a stalwart of Canberra’s electronic scene via his solo project Raus) and drummer Luke Keanan-Brown, the project now straddles two cities, incorporating Sydney members Del Lumanta (Gas, Video Ezy, Basic Human) and Daryl Prondoso (Phone, Basic Human).

Recorded at a secret Sydney location by Holy Balm’sYoni Hochman and Enderie’s Andrew McLellan, the EP’s four songs configure elements of jazz, dub, krautrock, disco and R’n’B into irresistible offbeat, hypnotic pop.

Arresting lead single ‘Tone Of Voice’ says more about intimate relationships than most confessional songwriting, whilst obscuring all personal detail. Director Madeleine Andrews says: “I was thinking about the idea of an echo when we made the video – about being wet and alone and watching yourself wet and alone”. The motorik pulse of the interlocked drum and synth patterns evoke a spiritual blend of Can and Arthur Russell, backed by a deep rooted bass line that bubbles away like a long lost a Grace Jones cut, as Rory’s deep, lulling voice intones imagistic lyrics, conveying themes rather than stories. 

1. Tone Of Voice
2. Under the Hangar
3. 4
4. Colony Music 


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