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UK pop-punkers NORTHSHORE release new track ‘Shedding Skin’

January 3, 2019

UK pop-punkers NORTHSHORE release new track
‘Shedding Skin’

Featuring guest vocals from Christina Rotondo 

North-East England based four-piece pop-punk band, Northshore have released ‘Shedding Skin’, the second track from their upcoming EP ‘For What It’s Worth’.

Christina Rotondo, session vocalist and YouTuber who has worked with a variety of alternative and metal bands, provides guest vocals for the new track.

The hard-hitting yet uplifting track follows a conversation between two people; one who is broken, jaded, burnt out, and suffering with their mental health, and the other; a person close to them who is assuring them that nobody is beyond repair and that it is OK to ask for help; just don’t give up. 

The theme of mental health and the importance of asking for help is a topic close to the band’s heart and is explored throughout the lyrics of their catchy-as-hell self-released 6-track EP ‘For What It’s Worth’, out on 15 February.
 To celebrate the EP release, Northshore will host a launch party on 15 February at Think Tank? in Newcastle.    


Dan Shepherd (vocals, bass)
Elliot Parry (lead guitar)
Kyle Davies (rhythm guitars)
Matty Waterhouse (drums)


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