FORMER WRESTLERS announce debut ‘Champion Of The World’ EP for March 15th

January 14, 2019

FORMER WRESTLERS release debut EP ‘Champion Of The World’ on March 15th

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FORMER WRESTLERS is the brainchild of producer and now one-man-rock-shop, Derya ‘Dez’ Nagle. Having spent the best part of 10 years playing guitar in bands like The Safety Fire and Good Tiger, and producing the likes of Protest The Hero and Mongol Horde, Nagle has taken a step into the limelight, only to wear a mask while doing so.

The debut EP is called ‘Champion of the World’, set for release on March 15th it is an eclectic mix of songs, fusing rock, electronics and stripped back, soundtrack style sonic landscapes. The first taste of the EP ‘Weekend Hobbies’ was given its world exclusive last night on the Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P Carter (13th January).

“The songs were written over a year in between touring and producing commitments, all while I was moving countries. Finding the time and headspace to work on these songs was an important outlet, and helped keep me grounded during this period of time.”

Largely known for his technical, and ‘obnoxious riffing’ (his words) in the world of progressive metal, Nagle’s offering for FORMER WRESTLERS is a far more direct, and honest sound and direction While Nagle’s use of grammar is in question, switching from plural to singular, all seemingly in reference to himself, he assures us ‘if you have seen the 1994 classic, Airheads, this shouldn’t be a big deal’. Nagle’s penchant for outdated pop culture references aside, there is a clear influence from the 90s with music from his childhood seeping into these tracks.

‘” grew up largely listening to the music my parents and brother listened to, from Soundgarden to Prince to Turkish folk music. It all played a part in the formation of my musical tastes.”

While Nagle’s wrestling career is undocumented and largely unheard of, he is adamant that “For a 24 hour period, I think I was a wrestler”. Whether it be a case of drug induced hallucinations, or general delusions of grandeur, Nagle is fervent about the authenticity of the project, and so should you. ‘Champion Of The World; is an exceptional first calling card – and who knows here on earth (or beyond) Nagle will land next.

Vocals – Derya Nagle
Guitar – Derya Nagle
Bass – Derya Nagle
Drums – Derya Nagle (sort of)Recorded and engineered by – Derya Nagle
Mixed by – Derya Nagle
Mastered by – Mike Kalajian

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