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Ashrr Set To Release Debut Album “Oscillator” – Out May 10th

January 23, 2019

Ashrr Set To Release Debut Album “Oscillator” – Out May 10th

Los Angeles has a long rich history of cultivating some of the world’s most innovative and progressive endeavors, bringing together talented individuals from all walks of life who thrive in collaboration. That hotbed of artistic expression is what also led to the creation of ASHRR.

Formed in 2018, ASHRR is a synth-rock musical collective made up of singer-songwriter Steven Davis and artists / producers Ethan Allen and Josh Charles. While somewhat new to the music scene in LA, the trio has a long eclectic musical background that meld experience and influence from a multitude of styles and genres.

Steven Davis’ comes from a fascinating musical pedigree ranging from his Midwestern church roots, singing gospel to his booming career as a professional musician. Select highlights include headlining residencies at NYC’s esteemed Rainbow Room; (sharing the stage with icons such as Diana Krall and Tony Bennett, headlining Rockefeller Center’s rarefied Rainbow & Stars) and co-writing with pop legend John Oates. His music has been featured in television and film including, gritty tech infused thriller “Startup”, CBS hit show “Criminal Minds” and the title song to the Tommy Lee Jones and Morgan Freeman flick “Just Getting Started”.

Ethan Allen is a record producer, mixer, engineer, writer, multi-instrumentalist musician originally hailing from Austin and New Orleans. His credits include Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Ben Harper, The 88, Tricky, Luscious Jackson, The Cult, Gram Rabbit, Sheryl Crow, Tim Finn, Brant Bjork, Donita Sparks, Meg Myers, Patty Griffin and Better Than Ezra, as well as many licensing placements in film and television.

Josh Charles is a critically acclaimed piano prodigy, guitarist, singer, producer and songwriter mentored by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dr. John. He has recorded for Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment, Island Records and Elektra Records/Warner Music Group, and has produced/co-produced and written/co-written seven albums, including his own Love, Work & Money (2010) and 1974. He has been producing exclusive sound content for Native Instruments and Splice. Josh has many songs on radio, film and TV including several cuts with John Oates.

The collective came together after meeting through mutual friends in music and eventually made their way to the the studio beginning in 2018 with one goal: create music for themselves at the highest possible level. “Our collective love of analog synth pop, classic new wave melodies and songwriting, and taking modern production to the limits, defines us,” says Charles. “We all come from different backgrounds which is what can be heard inside the music. We’ve made a band for ourselves that we wanted to hear in today’s climate. ASHRR sounds like ASHRR.”

ASHRR’s unique sound shines bright on the band’s new album, that’s due out in May. Musical diversity can be heard throughout the record with each song written and performed with distinct purpose and meticulous skill. The band’s contrasting backgrounds allows for a collision of influences from new wave and art rock to indie electronic pop.

We are interested in true emotion and intent, and having something real to communicate,” adds Allen. “We are also interested in experimenting and pushing the boundaries to find something new.”

ASHRR effortlessly pulls in the listener to their creations. With their synth notes, addictive lyrics and a somewhat evocative outcome. The act’s forthcoming 11 track self released album Oscillator  can so easily become your new favourite album of 2019. It resonates passion, progression and power.

Each track takes you on a new journey led by ASHRR joining their ability to build their compositions with tentative notes, synth layers and dark brooding vocals. The outcome to their workmanship, simply entrancing orchestrations. Oscillator bounces and builds to create a collection of confident and appealing hard-hitting compositions, atmospherically intense yet also explosively cathartic.  

The band would look at home captivating audiences with their music used for a soundtrack to some 80s sci-fi with an alluring storyline.

ASHRR have the world at their feet, with their debut still months away from release, they’re worth backing the hype now.

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