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December 31, 2018

It’s that time once again, as the countdown to the end of 2018 rapidly approaches we take a personal look back on familiar names, features and musicians’ best releases of the past 12 months. In what has been another crazy year of highs and lows- it’s the releases that have pulled a lot of people through the year. Now in it’s 8th year, Circuit Sweet will be hosting takeovers from the featured artists/musicians/labels and promoters of the site with their personal top releases of the year.

As we near the end of our annual end of year tradition; we let our favourites take over the site to tell us the records that have made their end of year lists. Telling us their favourite events/gigs and what we can look forward to from them next year.

As we near the end of our features, we hand over to a friend of the site who has had such a promising year for music. Ogives was originally started as a recording project for musician Ben Harris, exploring guitar ideas and sounds solo, the band have worked tirelessly throughout the years evolving and progressing. This year, Ogives have expanded to create Ogives Big Band, with Ben adding Lambhorn‘s Ben Holyoake and Oliver Cocup to the mix. The new trio have already supported LITE and prior to Christmas released two live sessions which you can listen to here.  We hand over to Ben to find out more about his year in music…

  • Top 5 releases of the year

After being asked to do this I realised that I hadn’t dug that far into my 2018 releases listening list, loads of great stuff seems to have come out this year and I was a bit behind. So after several hurriedly planned solo listening parties here is my list of 2018 albums I’ve mostly listened to recently that I think are really great (subject to change and in no particular order).

Autechre – NTS Sessions 1-4  

8 hours of staggering experimental electronica. Angular yet totally immersive. Mind blowing.

Big Lad – Pro Rock

Wonderfully filthy live drum and bass and synthy nastiness spattered with moments of lovely euphoric beautifulness. Mad synths, crazy drums. 

Dirty Projectors – Lamp Lit Prose

More brilliantly idiosyncratic songwriting. The parts are intricate yet necessary, never overplaying. Playful parts and arrangements that always serve the song. 

Blawan – Wet Will Always Dry

Lovely dark broken techno.

Culprate – Others

Brilliantly arranged and excellently produced. Really nice details throughout and loads of great, playful rhythmic changes. 

  • The best show you have played this year

Probably the first Ogives Big Band show supporting LITE, it was a cracker of a show and a great start for the band.

  • The best gig you have attended

Broken Social Scene @ O2 Academy in June was wonderful though woefully unattended (totally lacking in promotion). Also, Stewart Lee – Content Provider @ Colston Hall in March was brilliant, I think he may be my favourite comedian. 

  • Highlights of your year

Getting two new projects off the ground that I’m super excited about (Ogives Big Band, Rainbow Slicer), there are some cool things happening with those in the near future.

  • Artist/Band to watch for 2019

Bristol music seems to be getting a little more of the attention it deserves from outside of the city. Largely due to the very well deserved success of Idles. So here is some Bristol artists who I think may begin to see a bit more attention soon. 

Finlay Shakespeare – really brilliantly songs assembled using modular synthesis with great, catchy pop vocals. 

Sans – I guess you would call them part of the post punk/noise rock thing that’s happening right now but they are so much more than that. Noisy, visceral punk dirges. Great stuff. 

No Violet – Big, grungey alt-rock with great, emotive vocals.

Soeur – Riffy grunge with some mathy bits. Really nice vocal interplay and great singing in general

Cruelty – Essential post-punk listening.

  • Plans for the New Year

Releasing new music with Ogives Big Band with an accompanying tour. At least one new release for my project Rainbow Slicer. Two new ANTA albums are on the horizon. Putting on shows under the DeffCord moniker, it’s likely I’ll be putting out any self releases under that banner too. Some form of acoustic guitar music is also likely to see the light of day.

A huge thank you to Ben, it’s hard to believe we’ve been watching you work for over 6 years- so excited to hear new music!

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