December 10, 2018
 Bridie Florence

Brighton’s Beach Riot are now streaming their fuzz-laden lead track taken from their debut EP out now via Vallance Records. These 4 songs were recorded by Blood Red Shoes’ Steven Ansell who continues to be an integral part of all Beach Riot recordings.

Medicate For Success is arguably the band’s heaviest single to date packing sludgy riffs and a driving bass line, layered with Beach Riot’s signature double-tracked, melodic vocals of Rory O’Connor and Cami Menditeguy. It’s a frustrated battle cry at the plethora of fake news accusations and public PR disaster of American President, Donald Trump and written with a strange condition known as synethesia.

Frontman O’Connor discovered his synesthesia condition existed as a 17-year-old and until that point believed everyone had it until it was explained as a rare condition. It’s a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences – such as being able to taste words, or to have the ability to actually see sounds. In Rory’s world he hears music in colour form which helps, and sometimes hinders his song-writing:

“I don’t sit down and think “what colour shall I write in today, it’s more of a feeling and state of mind,” explains O’Connor. “So, I’ll start something new, like Medicate’s intro riff, and in my mind’s eye it’s a very blurry, hazy white noise grey, and that helps me really jump into the dimension that the song lives in, where the song can sort of just create itself as I play. It’s the same when I play live, without even thinking about it each song has a very specific colour and feeling, and I just get lost in that image and try and channel that through my guitar and vocals.”

Previous single, Good To Know (That I’m Still On Your Mind) for example, is mainly a rusty yellow in Rory’s perceptual state, but parts of it are tinged purple. “I’ve noticed that fx change the colour too – chorus and modulation tend to be purple/ blue and ethereal,” he explains. “Classic valve sounding guitars are yellowey brown, sometimes it can be a dull green, slapback delay is a bit red, with a touch of purple.”

Medicate for Success is one of four new Beach Riot songs that form their debut EP, made up of sublime, crunchy, fuzzy-pop and duel vocal harmonies collide, big riffs and a firm, unapologetic nod to the 90s. The band, whose live following has started to grow over the last 6 months, formed when co-front woman, Cami Menditeguy won a bunch of cash gambling on horse-racing to buy a plane ticket to London where she had always dreamed of fronting a band.  

Pre-order the 3-way limited 100 runs of vinyl in black, white or pink from Vallance Records, (home to Sisteray, Strange Cages and False Heads) at . Or download the single right now from Spotify and i-Tunes today from here:

See Beach Riot play live at the following shows:

December 11th – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton (Supporting Blood Red Shoes)
February 9th – The Good Mixer, Camden, London (FREE ENTRY)

Beach Riot are:

Rory O’Connor (guitars, vocals)
Cami Menditeguy (guitar and vocals)
Jim Faulkner (bass and vocals)
Jonny Ross (drums)

Find them online at:


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