Westerman releases Ark EP  Out Now On Blue Flowers

November 10, 2018

Bex Day

Westerman releases Ark EP 

Out Now On Blue Flowers


West London’s Westerman today releases the new ‘Ark EP’. Having previously shared singles ‘Albatross’ and ‘Outside Sublime’, Westerman shares Ark, a new EP written over the course of two days ensuring a looser, more nebulous sound. Ark EP’s challenge was building on the four striking singles released earlier this year; ‘Confirmation’ named Pitchfork’s Best New Track, ‘I Turned Away’, ‘Edison’ and ‘Easy Money’, which it did with aplomb.

With his ongoing collaboration with Bullion, Westerman has gradually been burning a hole through the fabric of atmospheric pop with his dulcet tones and blend of magical-realism.

Ark’s sound is born from the urgency of its writing sessions. Westerman conjured up the EP in the midst of a hectic schedule, stealing the only time he could to write. “I had this brief window to go into myself and try to make sense of the shifts that were going on around me,” he says of the project. ‘Albatross’ sets the tone for the EP with a gently upbeat mix of 60s melody and bursts of celestial synth whilst follow up note to a friend ‘Outside Sublime’s’ fantastical video, directed by Beatrix Blaise, served up a wonderful moment of collaborative art.

Meanwhile, new tracks ‘Own’ and ‘Ark’ represent the shifts in Westerman’s life, with scattered electronics and skeletal guitar lines sketching out delicate melodies, arriving on the EP untouched.

With continued support from leading publications such as PitchforkNoisey, Stereogum, DIY, Dazed,Gorilla vs BearClash among others, the Ark EP is the latest chapter in Westerman’s journey from pop maverick to one of the most vital voices in the UK.

“Ark is a symbol of solace and of transition,” Westerman says. Now in the midst of his most ambitious tour to date – with shows in New York and Los Angeles and a debut album set for next year, his transition is looking as exciting as anyone’s.

Ark EP is out now on Blue Flowers.

Westerman full tour dates below – tickets here

27th Nov, Elsewhere, Brooklyn, NY, USA
29th Nov, Moroccan Lounge, LA, USA

12 Dec, Jazz Café, London

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