Sea Moya share new video ‘Purple Days’ ahead tour dates

November 1, 2018

Tilman Ruetz

Sea Moya
New album ‘Falmenta’ out now
“fuses together the pysch-pop elements of Tame Impala and the pulsating rhythm found in Jungle’s early singles to form an ejaculation of afro-psych pleasure” – Noisey
“The German trio specialise in swirling, hazy electronic funk, and are equal parts krautrock and psych” – The Guardian
Following, their expansive debut album, ‘Falmenta’, German psychedelic electronica trio Sea Moya have released a brand new video for single ‘Purple Days’.

They tell us “Purple Days is about how to move forward in general. It describes the situation of a person being full on in a love rush but missing some undefined key feelings to bring the whatever sort of relationship to the next level referred to as Purple Days. The essence of the song for us is that you sometimes have to take a step back, look around and get aware of your situation. Calm down a bit, clear up your mind and then you might as well find the solution not just in front of you but eventually when looking back or hiding somewhere close to you, but in an unexpected angle of perspective. For the video we wanted to capture the almost naive and positive vibe of the song with the slightly melancholic touch of being in that state of headless searching for something. To shoot a sausage (actually David our singer) running around Montreal, looking for a companion and finding it in a quite unexpected being from outer space seemed to be a pretty good metaphor. Question is – do you have to go on till exhaustion before you’d slow down and get aware of the situation you’re in? The sausage seems like that initially, however ends up in Purple Days anyways.”
Recorded in a reclusive cabin in the Italian Alps above Lago Maggiore, the album is the result of total withdrawal from everyday life, the distraction of technology and any influence from outsiders. In this time the band were able to completely immerse themselves in their surroundings as well as introspectively, bouncing ideas off one-another until their creative output was very much as one. Every song and the lyrics written became a collaborative effort resulting in an album that is both surprisingly experimental and effortless in its presentation. This time was both intense and unique, making ‘Falmenta’ the bands most personal release to date.
The album is inspired by a wide-ranging and unexpected group of influences, an eclectic mixture of Krautrock, Afrobeat, and Electronic music. Sea Moya bring a lysergic haze of electronic funk, intertwined with vocal harmonies, playful experimentation and kraut rhythms to the most thrilling effect. Filtering analogue instrumentation through tape saturation, modular systems, and a vast array of effect pedals, this psychedelic beat outfit reshapes and cuts up their original ideas, thus producing a distinctive sound that is even reflected in their unique aesthetic.
You can hear echoes of the multi-instrumental psych of Tame Impala and the easy electronica of Toro Y Moi, just as much as William Onyeabor’s deconstructed African disco or J Dilla’s hazy production. Following the recording of ‘Falmenta’, the band relocated to the vibrant Montreal and have embedded themselves into the thriving DIY underground there, playing shows across Canada and the US (including SXSW). The band is currently touring Canada and will embark on a run of European dates shortly.
Sea Moya was formed in summer 2014 in between shipping containers in a German harbor. Current band members are David Schnitzler (Vocals) and Elias Foerster (Bass), and the recent live addition of Tilman Ruetz (Drums), + a whole lot of synthesizers.
Sea Moya – The Falmenta Transcend Tour
02.11.2018 – CAN – Ottawa, ON, Pressed (+ The Record Centre)
03.11.2018 – CAN – Montreal, QC, Bela Vista
– presented by ByteFM, Diffus and Musikmussmit –
10.11.18 – ESP – Torelló, FET Festival
11.11.18 – ESP – Madrid, Fun House
12.11.18 – ESP – Santiago, A Reixa
13.11.18 – PT – Vila Real, Club de Vila Real
14.11.18 – ESP – Vigo, RadarEstudios
15.11.18 – PT – Évora, Black Bass Fest
16.11.18 – PT – Porto, Maus Habitos
19.11.18 – DE – Hamburg, Hafenklang *
20.11.18 – NL – Amsterdam, Cinetol *
21.11.18 – DE – Köln, Gebäude 9 *
23.11.18 – FR – Paris, Olympic Café *
29.11.18 – LUX – Luxembourg, De Gudde Wellen **
30.11.18 – CH – Wetzikon (Kanton Zürich), Kulturfabrik **
01.12.18 – AT – Bludenz, Villa K
02.12.18 – GER Altötting, Nea Zoi
04.12.18 – CZ – Prague, Petrohradska Kolektiv
05.12.18 – DE – Kusel, Schalander
06.12.18 – DE – Mannheim, Alte Feuerwache
07.12.18 – DE – München, Rote Sonne
08.12.18 – DE – Berlin, Tutti Frutti Fest #4 @ Urban Spree
12.12.18 – DE – Göttingen, Dots
13.12.18 – DE – Düsseldorf, R25
14.12.18 – DE – Kassel, Stellwerk
15.12.18 – DE – Freiburg, Räng Teng Teng
18.12.18 – HUN – Budapest, Dürer Kert
19.12.18 – DE – Nürnberg, Z-Bau
20.12.18 – DE – Reutlingen, franz.K
21.12.18 – DE – Viechtach, Altes Spital
09.01.19 – DE – Dresden, OstPol
10.01.19 – DE – Hannover, Feinkost Lampe
11.01.19 – DE – Leipzig, kfk
12.01.19 – DE – Bremen, Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus
19.01.19 – DE – Karlsruhe, Kohi
* w/ Klaus Johann Grobe
** w/ Yin Yin
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