Oneohtrix Point Never shares Ryuichi Sakamoto rework from ‘Love In The Time Of Lexapro’ EP – ahead of special ‘MYRIAD’ live show at The Roundhouse on March 8th

November 24, 2018

Atiba Jefferson


Oneohtrix Point Never shares Ryuichi Sakamoto rework from ‘Love In The Time Of Lexapro’ EP – ahead of special ‘MYRIAD’ live show at The Roundhouse on March 8th


Oneohtrix Point Never shares Ryuichi Sakamoto’s rework of ‘Last Known Image Of A Song’ – taken from of his new EP ‘Love In The Time Of Lexapro’, which is out now on Warp Records.
The original version of ‘Last Known Image Of A Song’ featured on OPN’s critically-acclaimed album ‘Age Of’, which was also released by Warp earlier this year. Sakamoto’s rework takes the hypnotic and complex melody of the original song into an otherworldly realm, a stark and graceful retelling of OPN’s ‘Age Of’ album finale. OPN previously reworked Sakamoto’s ‘andata’ – the opening song from his 2017 album ‘async’.
The Lexapro EP also features another unreleased track from the ‘Age Of’ sessions, ‘Thank God I’m A Country Girl’, an acoustic version of ‘Age Of’ stand-out ‘Babylon’ performed by (Sandy) Alex G and OPN, together with the title-track ‘Love In The Time Of Lexapro’, which OPNpremiered at 3 sold-out ‘MYRIAD’ performances at Park Avenue Armory in New York, and which continue to be a highlight of these peerless live shows, which reach London’s Roundhouse on March 8th.
‘MYRIAD’ is a mind-expanding performance that blends live music, installation art and customised visuals to re-contextualise his ‘Age Of’ album, plus classic OPN material. It premiered at the Barbican in August last year – selling out over 3 months in advance.
At the Roundhouse OPN will expand upon the decadent grandeur of the original concertscape production – featuring live visuals from long-time collaborator Nate Boyce – to create something even more inspiring and spectacular.
OPN will be joined by a full band known as the MYRIAD ensemble, who are Kelly Moran (Warp), Aaron David Ross (Gatekeeper/Kelela/PAN) and Eli Keszler (PAN/Shelter Press).
In support, the sublime cellist and vocalist Kelsey Lu will perform, further augmenting what is set to be an incredible evening.
Praise for ‘Age Of’:
Stereogum – “So beautiful and strange and off-kilter and absorbing.”
The Guardian – “An often stunning contemporary electronic suite of symphonic melody, urgent chases, chaotic trap and mournful balladeering. His most moving yet.” 4/5
Mixmag – “Textures plough and pound through the album, revealing yet another new and unclassifiable side of OPN’s musical brain.” 9/10
Mojo – “Exploratory out-there pop. Frequently overwhelming yet unconventionally comforting.” 4/5
Resident Advisor – “Age Of is the sound of an internet addict sifting through the digital ruins, part of a culture jamming legacy for future generations, should they exist.”
Praise for ‘MYRIAD’:
The Guardian –  “A jaw-dropping performance: a faithful yet fluid rendition of an album that, on record, seems laden with computer-assisted compositional quirks no human could master.”
New York Times – “It billowed and throbbed, tinkled and crashed, swooped and pealed around the grand space. No narrative, no matter how cosmic, could match the sound.”
The 405  – “The sum of all this is a show that astounds in its artistic ambitions. it’s hard not to feel like you’re being subjected to a sensory overload. It’s as though you just spent the last hour and a half plugged into a machine that transmitted the entirety of human existence into your brain, with all its hopes and anxieties amplified.” 
The Line Of Best Fit – “An arresting and daringly original performance which will be etched into the minds of the audience for a long time.” 
The Ringer – “Watching Myriad live was the closest I have ever gotten to feeling like I’m inside an Alien movie, and probably the closest I ever hope to come.”
Full ‘Age Of’ / ‘MYRIAD’ live dates:
January 18th: Mona Foma Festival, Australia, tickets & info
February 17th: Pitchfork & Art Institute of Chicago Midwinter, tickets & info
March 8th: Roundhouse, London, tickets & info
‘Love In The Time Of Lexapro’ EP track-list
1. ‘Love In The Time Of Lexapro’ (new track)
2. ‘Last Known Image Of A Song’ – Ryuichi Sakamoto Rework (new remix)
3. ‘Thank God I’m A Country Girl’ (new unreleased track from the ‘Age Of’ sessions)
4. ‘Babylon’ – Alex G & OPN (new acoustic version of ‘Age Of’ album track
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