ARC IRIS share new video “$GNMS”. Album ‘Icon of Ego’ out now via Ba Da Bing Records!

November 16, 2018


– Share new video “$GNMS”
– Album ‘Icon of Ego’ out now via Ba Da Bing Records 


With their new album ‘Icon of Ego’ out now via Ba Da Bing Records, Providence trio Arc Iris are sharing a new video for album standout track $GNMS, directed by Julia Liu.

Speaking about the thoughts behind the video, Liu said “An alien being unfamiliar with human greed uses virtual reality to discover the beauty of Earth.

This piece is a blend of technology and nature, futuristic imagery contrasting with nostalgic old school electronics, alluding to the idea that this strange mashup is all part of a simulation. The real Earth has been destroyed long ago.

I bought every Oculus Rift I could find on Craigslist, and then started making VR headsets out of swimming goggles, moss, ice and bones. Though we were going for a very sci-fi digitally enhanced look, I’m proud of the fact that 99% of the visual FX were created in camera with the use of mirrors, off screen monitors, DIY filters, and lighting design.

This piece is my ode to VR, exploration through mental transportation.”

Arc Iris released Icon of Ego last month, their third groundbreaking album, as a trio that packs the heft of a far bigger band with fully realised sonic and visual intensity. Overcoming rebuffs and rejections, Arc Iris has become an unstoppable force out of necessity. On Icon of Ego, they deliver heavily and ask nothing in return.

Originally formed in Providence, R.I., by singer-songwriter Jocie Adams who was coming off a term with The Low Anthem, the group initially embodied an eight-piece rock orchestra, creating innovative dynamics of rhythm and melody with a full color palette. Four years on, Arc Iris are just three musicians: lead vocalist Adams, keyboardist and sample artist Zach Tenorio-Miller, and drummer Ray Belli. They have crafted a vividly expressionistic new album that reflects both the group’s protean talents as well as its journey of survival.

In Icon of Ego, the band interrogates the notions of celebrity, fame, and idol worship. What makes an icon? How do people fall under the spell of a charismatic other (or entity?)? What is it like to be that icon? Adams’ poetic, nuanced lyrics provide both inquiry and insight. On “Dylan & Me” Adams sings “changing times / you could not have been / waiting to be remembered / a trophy in so many eyes / a Renoir for the great pretenders.”

Arc Iris is never more self-defined than when faced with difficulty. Icon of Ego is about Arc Iris overcoming adversity and ultimately coming out leaner, sharper, and more fully realised.

See Arc Iris live: 
12/28/18 – Portland, ME – One Longfellow Square
12/29/18 – Portsmouth, NH – Press Room
1/10/19 – Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy
1/11/19 – York, PA – Kable House
1/12/19 – Washington, DC – Songbyrd
1/19/19 – Johnson City, TN – The Willow Tree
1/20/19 – Asheville, NC – The Grey Eagle


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