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October 26, 2018


Forming a refracted evolution of darkly singed synth-punk, DROVES‘ anti-ethos to contemporary musical embrace is transfixing. After making their debut at this year’s sold-out Yours & Owls Festival, the new project, hailing from Wollongong, blooms into an inspired and precise collision of beautifully dark anomalies.

As premiered by Pilerats, DROVES are pleased to release their debut single into the world. DROVES‘ new track, ‘Time’, is out now via GD FRNDS.

Dominated by a dark, futuristic ’80s influence, the DROVES portfolio features ambient synth strikes, programmed drums and ugly guitars soaked in reverb. DROVES started out with a goal of bringing electronic dance culture to post-punk by singing dark hooks and melodies over quite powerful drums and subs. The group is Phillip Spiteri on vocals and keys, Taylor McAuliffe on guitar and vocals, Jonathan McKenzie on drums, Tiernan Browne on guitar and Luise Martin on bass.

‘Time’ is DROVES’ most stark remark to their stylistic and impressionist darkwave. The group’s synthetic incarnation of pop, rock and synth precursors all ceremonially melt into one another in an undeniably visceral manner. They hold the tenacious excitement of punk that’s sequenced through a greyscale disco ball.

The track tells a story of the working class that become dependant on alcohol as a means of escape. To Spiteri, he’s also able to intertwine his own personal thread.

“‘Time’ plays an important part in a time capsule I wrote to my father whose brain is currently stored in a cryogenics program,” explains Spiteri.

With grace, DROVES’ debut EP, ‘Bloodline’—due early 2019—reflects on the effects of modern cryogenics and navigates what it means to mourn a debut, which due to modern technology, is not set in stone.

This [EP] was a way I could communicate, as a sort of time capsule, to my father while telling a story of resentment, time and peace to anyone who may have found themselves holding onto anger,” dictates Spiteri.

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