Croydon duo FRAUDS share fiercely political new single ‘Animals’

October 23, 2018


New single ‘Animals’ out November 2nd

“File between Slaves and The Amazing Snakeheads in a ‘worst dinner-party music’ playlist” – NME

“Extraordinarily engaging, sometimes reaching Monty Python-esque levels of sheer lunacy, but to dismiss the Croydon-based post-hardcore power duo as a mere comedy act would be superficial” – The Independent

“Croydon duo don’t hold back” – Clash Magazine


Fiercely independent and courageously unique Croydon-based duo Frauds are set to release their brand new single ‘Animals’ due out on November 2nd. The announcement follows their previously well-received debut album ‘With Morning Toast & Jam & Juice’, an epic amalgamation of blisteringly heavy guitars and wry, satirical lyrics.

‘Animals’ may just be their most political track to date, pointedly tearing down the absurdity of the current regime in a way that will make you laugh, if even in frustration. Utilizing their well-honed recipe of call-and-respond duel vocals that strain over layers of pedal distortion and a forceful beat, they create an immediately engaging pace that refuses to let up. But don’t for one second mistake this for mere unharnessed aggression, the playing is airtight throughout and never hinders their ambitious and rallying message.
A live phenomenon that any UK live-circuit regular will know, Frauds have built a reputation for their comedic and brotherly stage-personas, often pausing between (or mid) tracks to banter with the crowd and each other. Alongside their joint passion for stand-up is their other non-musical influence; their hometown of Croydon – as local boys, they’ve spent their lives growing up heavily involved in the multicultural London landscape around them.
Since their inception in 2012 (started earnestly playing covers in a garage after previous near-successful projects), the then aptly named Frauds had no idea what they were doing would go on to spawn something of a musical staple. Through their now established yearly South-London festival ‘Sunburn’, they’ve created a scene around bands such as JOHN, Melt Dunes, Youth Man and more. They’ve gone on to support personal heroes Future Of The Left as well as Reuben frontman Jamie Lenman, and this year they could be found on the bill of 2000 Trees alongside the likes of Bloody Knees and Demob Happy.
‘Animals’ is the first release of a new era for the band, with their impeccable debut behind them they’re working on crafting new material, exploring bigger sounds and meatier subjects in which they can sink their teeth. In a world where artists should be striving to make a difference and shine a light on the issues that surround us, Frauds join current contemporaries Idles and Shame as a confident outfit putting themselves out there, and as a fearsome live band with something to say. Even if it’s said with a wink and a smile.
Live dates:
November 3rd – Blondies, London (single launch)
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