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September 30, 2018


London based experimental pop/ noise rock outfit TAYNE have announced their debut album ‘Breathe‘ which is set for release on 2nd November 2018 via Strange Brew Records. The band have just announced their UK Tour dates Below.

TAYNE’s music is an aural assault that welds moody, atmospheric vocals, punishing guitars, and overwhelming electronics, to pulsating rhythms; creating a unique listening experience.

Singer Matthew Sutton elaborates on the forthcoming album: “ ‘Breathe’ is a very personal self-serving record for me. Mostly, the record is a reflection of my own anxieties, insecurities, fears, hopes and expectations and mental health. Thematically, it’s dark, chaotic and intense; so I wanted to have some sort of juxtaposition. I decided to present the singles on the record in traditional pop song structure, with pop hook choruses. Equally there are a lot of demons on the record.”

The debut album was Self produced by Matthew Sutton and mixed by Barra Enright and mastered by TJ Lipple(Bikini Kill, Fugazi,MGMT, Rollins Band, St Vincent, Xiu Xiu, Not Squares, Adebisi Shank).

Tour Dates

0CT 4 L0ND0N 0ld Blue Last
0CT 10 EDINBURGH Bannermans
0CT 11 GLASG0W Bloc Bar
0CT 19 BRIGHT0N The Quadrant
0CT 21 BIRMINGHAM Subside Bar
0CT 22 CARDIFF Fuel Rock Bar
0CT 23 N0TTINGHAM The Chameleon
0CT 25 LEEDS Bad Apples
0CT 26 DARWIN Sunbird Records
0CT 27 PREST0N The Ferret
N0V 10 LIVERP00L Jacaranda
N0V 11 LEICESTER Firebug
N0V 21 MANCHESTER The Peerhat




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