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Community Records Release New Compilation – Vol. 6

August 19, 2018


Community Records Release New Compilation | Vol.6

We idolise the efforts of DIY label Community Records. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, the label pride themselves on delivering the best in underground punk, reggae, hardcore, ska, experimental, noise etc. Years of releasing some of the most incredible records we’ve come across, Community Records always try to create something different, something positive, inclusive, beautiful, inspiring and something reflecting quality. Their efforts, all of which paying of. Their bands are united not just on the basis of musical style but more on the common goal of making challenging music in a radical way.

Now respectfully in their 10th year as a label and over 90 releases later, they show no signs of slowing down. This summer Community Records have released a new 23 track compilation featuring a range of sounds from indie, to punk, electronic to math rock. From artists close to home and close to their hearts and artists further across the globe.

The label have curated a must-hear record projecting talent worldwide. Most of the bands are from their hometown of New Orleans, but the record boasts groups from Mexico City, U.K,Providence, RI, Austin, TX, & more. All together the artists sit perfectly next to one another in this courageously constructed playlist. 23 tracks that flow effortlessly together and yet Community Records have selected an abundance of acts you will obsess over, with each act providing such standout compositions.


1. Nova One – If You Were Mine

2. Winded – Swallowing Hair

3. Treadles – Kiss of Death

4. Pope – Lil Stevie

5. Football, etc. – Eleven

6. Hikes – Onset

7. Sharks’ Teeth – Lantern Slides

8. New Air – Summertime

9. Donovan Wolfington – Wave

10. Meangirls – Bitter Babes

11. Doe – Turn Around via: Specialist Subject (UK)

12. Gland – Dropout

13. Lawn – Blood on the Tracks via: Forged Artifacts

14. Fishplate – Scary Heaters

15. Thou – Fallow State

16. All People – Chestplate

17. Kellen – Filigree

18. Tvp – Now That’s What I Call Interior Decorating

19. Sailawway – Somewhere via: 8unouno

20. Kartoffel Club – Going so Far via: 8unouno

21. Grounding – Seasons

22. Keeping – Empty Portal

23. Sexy dex and the Fresh – Speed r4cr


The release is available to stream online now and available to download for free via bandcamp.

You will be guaranteed to find your new favourite artist, or artists.

Alongside the release streaming now via Bandcamp, the label also created a physical copy of the record. Having made 5,000 copies of this on CD w/ Risograph cover art printed by Max Seckel. If you want to add this incredible release to your collection, mail order anything from Community Records and you will receive a free copy whilst stocks last.





(note not all tracks are live on spotify yet)


Artwork: Otto Splotch / Risograph Printing: Max Seckel



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