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S.G. WOLFGANG Release New Track ‘Souls Out’ Fierce Panda Records

July 6, 2018

S.G. WOLFGANG – ‘Souls Out

Fierce Panda Records

SG WOLFGANG consist of four fiercely keen characters from Milton Keynes and are no strangers to Circuit Sweet. ‘Souls Out’ is their brand new single, and a tighter, tauter three minutes 13 seconds of tetchy alt rock . To celebrate the release of ‘Souls Out’ SG WOLFGANG play:


Last time we heard from S.G. WOLFGANG they were called Sean Grant & The Wolfgang, and they were shivering various timbers in 2016 with the 7 Deadly 7 EP, four tracks of clankingly enthusiastic neo-gothic beardyman angst which saw the outfit pithily dubbed  Frank Turner & The Bad Seeds. The video for Brother  may well explain all – Watch Here

Their new single under their slightly new name is entitled ‘Souls Out’ and is released via Fierce Panda Records on 6th July.

Over the past few months the moderately furious foursome have been locked away in Seamus Wong Studios in Leicester with Paul Warriner creating a debut album dotted with cranky powerchords and creaking hyperballads, nodding along the way at the likes of QOTSA, Rocket From The Crypt and Afghan Whigs. Mixed by Paul Gregory of Lanterns On The Lake, the album will be called ‘The Shadows Are Lengthening’ and if the ominous title necessitates a post-summer solstice release date then singer Sean Grant isn’t about to lighten the load.

During the writing of the album I was in a very dark place personally, dealing with a lot of inner conflicts within my own life, battling with a depression that I’d struggled with and hidden my whole life… even from myself, ”he says, carefully.

The whole album is a box of inner demons, a diary of my internal voices.  Souls Out  in particular is when everything has been stripped back to the bone, but even further than that, to your soul. You’re standing naked, but more than naked there is no body, there is just your consciousness left floating like a tiny cosmos with no material things to cling on to anymore. Souls Out  is the end of the rope, the end of the line you’ve exhausted all other avenues. “Cut your heart from your sleeve” …youre just there with your Soul Out exposed for everyone to see.

We wanted this to be our first single back and a magic mirror to what the album may hold as it’s an aggressive and dynamic little number which can lead you to what to expect from the rest of the album …”

Never a Dull moment indeed.





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