Lucy Mason – New single ‘Out Of The Blue’ out now

June 17, 2018

Jon Cottam

Lucy Mason

New single ‘Out Of The Blue’ out now

“Haunting vocals and clear, brilliantly-produced pop” – The Independent

“Lucy Mason is making a strong statement in becoming a credible pop artist.” – The Metro

“The EP consists of five songs showcasing her honest and beautiful lyrics with her elegantly polished vocals. Now she has released the equally enchanting short film” – Wonderland

“Honeyed riffs and nuanced ’80s pop touches, with gorgeous, vintage keys underpinning every move Mason makes” – The Line Of Best Fit

Following her critically acclaimed 2017 EP, dream-pop soloist Lucy Mason has returned with her beautiful brand new single, ‘Out Of The Blue’, out now.

Over the years things can change dramatically in friendships” Lucy tells us, “Some friends move away, some have their life turned upside down by illness or hardship and some even just disappear completely out of your life for no reason. Suddenly you realise how different things are, and wonder how and when that happened. Nostalgia can be heart-breaking but it’s essential for our appreciation of one another. ‘Out Of The Blue’ is about all that change but it’s also about the best memories you have together.”



Out Of The Blue’ is the first single taken from Lucy Mason’s debut album, due out in two parts over the course of the year with ‘Side A’ releasing on July 27th. The record is an extension to this exploration of her past.
“I spent a lot of last year thinking about when I was growing up and I found myself as what I can only describe as falling in love with old memories & stories that I’d forgotten all about. When so much had changed, I couldn’t help remember what everything was like ‘before’ and when I started looking back, I couldn’t stop. I really hope these songs take you back in time, whether it’s back to old memories with best friends or back to your first heartbreak or cigarette. All these kinds of stories are tangled up in us somewhere no matter who we are or where we’ve come from & somehow in making these songs, they satisfied my feelings of nostalgia and made me happy but still somehow, remarkably sad. I called it Flashback Romance, as that’s exactly what writing this album was for me.
I dedicate this entire album to my friends – To those I met at high school in England, to the friends I do life with now and most importantly, to the friends I’ve lost.”
The release follows a storming 2017 which saw Lucy Mason not only achieve what many others can only dream but also overcome her own personal obstacles. The beginning of the year saw the release of hit single ‘Hunger’ followed by her debut EP, she performed at Buckingham Palace as well as for HRH Prince Harry and she travelled the world, including her trip to New York to shoot her last video.
Her earnest lyrics, unique style and captivating voice have already seen her receive critical acclaim from the likes of The Independent, The Metro, Wonderland, The 405 and more.

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