Caroline Says shares video for “Mea Culpa” from album No Fool Like An Old Fool out now via Western Vinyl

June 10, 2018





“The way [Caroline Says] is able to inject these quietly pretty, happy styles of music with an underlying weariness and a clever touch is what makes No Fool Like an Old Fool stand out” – Pitchfork

“Caroline Says… makes songs that are delicate and breezy, with slyly subtle undercurrents that suggest a much darker universe.” – NPR Music

Austin-via-Alabama songwriter Caroline Sallee aka Caroline Says has premiered a video for “Mea Culpa” via POND Magazine to announce US summer dates with label mate Jessica Risker. “Mea Culpa” is featured on the second Caroline Says album, No Fool Like An Old Fool, which arrived in March on Western Vinyl, garnering praise from Pitchfork, NPR Music, Stereogum, and landing Caroline on the cover of her hometown’s music paper, Austin Chronicle.

Discussing the video’s creation, Caroline stated: I made this video with my friend James Pritchard. I asked him to film it because I liked his instagram photos (@________._____.___.__._._). He told me he had never filmed anything before, but we went for it anyway. We decided to make a video that was entirely shots of reflections of water. We spent 2 days wandering around looking for different puddles and creeks for him to film my reflection. I think James bought a camera that shoots video after we made this music video.

Sallee recorded No Fool Like An Old Fool while simultaneously working three jobs – finding the time was no easy task and her living situation didn’t make it any easier – a dank, mildewed basement apartment with noise from her landlords above bleeding through all day.  The hurdles she navigated to record naturally led to ad hoc recording techniques, and endless sonic experimentation, often leading to her use of the computer as an instrument.  Sallee loosens her earthly tether with No Fool, allowing her songs to float to ever higher altitudes on clouds of loops, immaculate melodies, and hypnotic harmonies, as she sings about aging, the daily grind, and hometown stymie.  Lyrics were inspired from an array of sources, including the 1971 film ‘Panic in Needle Park’ and the idea of being in love with a heroin addict.  A NPR story about a young Iraqi man who was killed in an ISIS bombing just before moving to New York City to become a professional dancer.  Terrence Malick’s ‘Badlands’ and Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska.  While the song “Black Hole” features multi-voice harmonies sung from the perspective of 50’s spree killer Charles Starkweather.
No Fool Like An Old Fool is a fine soundtrack for a kind of liminal state… honest in its weariness, glad to be done with the day, carrying itself into tomorrow with a bleary-eyed sense of wonder and hope for the future.
US Tour Dates with labelmate Jessica Risker
08/01 – Austin, TX @ Cheer Up Charlie’s ^
08/02 – Houston, TX @ Big Top Lounge ^
08/05 – Knoxville, TN @ Scruffy City ^
08/08 – Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop ^
08/12 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle ^

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