WHITE RING Share new single “Nothing” Taken from Gate Of Grief due out on Rocket Girl on 22 June

May 28, 2018

Share new single “Nothing”
Taken from Gate Of Grief due out on Rocket Girl on 22 June
Nothing” is the third single to be taken from Gate Of Grief, the new album from US dark electronic outfit WHITE RING. Underpinned by gothic 80s beats and sinister synth bass-lines, the song crackles and fizzes with arcade bleeps, whilst wraith-like melodies float over the top. In this song, nothing is true and everything is permitted. The track was premiered via Tiny Mix Tapes, who wrote: “It roars like a taxidermied mountain lion, a relic with the same terrifying glare as the real thing.”

“Nothing” features the first collaboration with newcomer Adina Viarengo, who added her vocals in 2016 to the existing instrumental track that Bryan Kurkimilis created for the first set of WHITE RING demos in 2009.

Despite being their debut album, Gate of Grief arrives a full eight years since their benchmark EP, Black Earth That Made Me, which sold out almost instantly, making their records some of the most highly sought after on the underground scene and earning them a cult following across the globe. Swerving from aggressively abrasive to beautifully ethereal, musically they draw from varied and challenging palette, whilst tackling themes of loss and acceptance due to struggles with drug addiction and existential dread on a broader scope.
The band was originally formed by Bryan Kurkimilis and Kendra Malia after meeting on Myspace in 2006. Although they created music together over email, they didn’t meet face-to-face until 2008, after they had already released a few well-received singles. They started playing live in 2009 and rapidly grew a reputation for their captivating performances, usually bringing their own lighting equipment and putting on a spectacular laser show.

They were joined more recently by Adina Viarengo – with Bryan and Adina currently touring as a duo. Her vocal style fitted in seamlessly with what Kendra had been doing, and although she sang on half the songs, it’s almost impossible to tell who is singing on which track, thus making her the perfect addition to the band.

Dwelling on the outskirts of pop music, WHITE RING grew up in the age of the internet and were exposed to a huge range of music, subverting genre ideas and mashing them all together, with industrial, metal, rave, chopped and screwed, rap, grunge, neo folk, post punk and new wave all in the mix. They have developed a unique style while pushing the boundaries of accessibility and musical genre. They have created a piece of art that is brimming with symbolism and underlying tensions, that seduces and scares in equal measure.

Gate Of Grief

1. Heavy Self Alienation
2. Leprosy
3. Angels
4. Close Yr Eyes
5. Fields Of Hate
6. Low (featuring Fostercare)
7. Puppy
8. Chained
9. Nothing
10. Lasts In
11. Amerika (Lord Of The Flies)
12. Home Of The Brave
13. Burn It Down
14. Do U Love Me 2?

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