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Night Flowers -Wild Notion Album Review | Gavin Brown

May 31, 2018

Night Flowers

Wild Notion

Night Flowers are a band based in London by way of the unlikely pairing of Humberside and Los Angeles who combine shimmering melodies with infectious pop to create an instant and euphoric blast of sunshine and happiness with their music.

The band have just released their upbeat debut album Wild Notion perfectly and right on time with a surprising and uncharacteristic heatwave that has engulfed the country and seems in no hurry to leave although I’m sure no matter what the weather is, as the unpredictable British weather will no doubt come into play at some point, the bands summery and uplifting music will make it seem like sunnier climes instantly no matter what is going on with the weather.

Opening track Sandcastles immediately showcases the vocals of singer Sophia Pettit and sets the scene for the whole album in a very effective manner that is both summery and beautiful with even a hint of willful melancholia in the necessary places too. Over the albums ten tracks, the bands music unites to uplift especially on tracks like Resolver, Losing The Light and Hey Love and the bands music comes across like a more optimistic Rilo Kiley and the songs on Wild Notion are just as memorable, and as the album ends with the dreamy Cruel Wind it feels like the end of summer but in a way that leaves you with more memories that you can think of such is its infectious nature, classy melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

Night Flowers have honed their live act with gigs everywhere from as far afield as Japan to festivals like Kendal Calling, End Of The Road and Bestival and the songs on Wild Notion are tailor made for the live arena and you can imagine them going over exceptionally well at a hazy, summer festival.

Wild Notion is the sound of a band who have perfected their sound early on and are making assured and well crafted, uplifting music with ease. This will be the soundtrack to the summer and you couldn’t pick a better band to do this.


Night Flowers- Wild Notion Out Now Via Dirty Bingo Records



Words: Gavin Brown

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