Lithics premiere video for “Glass of Water”- New album, Mating Surfaces out now on Kill Rock Stars!

May 28, 2018

Christie Maclean



premiere video for “Glass of Water”
New album, Mating Surfaces
out today on Kill Rock Stars!

“An unfurling tapestry of interlocking DIY minimalist art-punk where precision and abandon prove uniquely compatible.”  Loud and Quiet 9/10

“Mating Surfaces is easily one of the best releases this year.” – Bandcamp Album of the Day

“The band’s genius lies not only in the idea of doing so much with so little, but also creating an immersive experience with such serrated edges.” – KEXP

“it’s easy to see what’s special about Lithics. They are intense.” – NPR Music

“For the sake of repeating ourselves, Lithics could just be the best post-punk band of this generation” – Post-Trash

Portland’s post punks, Lithics have shared their latest video for album track, “Glass of Water” via The 405.  Their new record Mating Surfaces is out today on Kill Rock Stars.

In the words of the band, “When we’re not toiling away on angular rock music in the dark confines of our practice space, Lithics likes to get out there and SKATEBOARD. You don’t believe it? Well here’s the proof. Spend the next minute and twenty three seconds watching us tear up the streets of Portland to the frantic sound of “Glass of Water”, definitely the most skate video worthy song on our new Kill Rock Stars album Mating Surfaces. ”

Members of other Portland bands can also be spotted in the video, namely Honey Bucket and Mope Grooves.

Lithics is a total collaborative vision: Aubrey Hornor’s stark stilted vocals intoning over her and Mason Crumley’s wired guitar parts, like lightbulb flashes and the whir of insects unspooled and playing off each other. Bob Desaulniers’ basslines give both structure and dissonance to the endeavor, and along with Wiley Hickson on drums, this is a rhythm section recalling art-damaged yet danceable noise made in the detritus of failing cities in the late 70s/early 80s (The Lower East Side, Cleveland, Manchester…). Except Lithics is happening now, a continuing part of the vital art punk DIY underground in Portland, Oregon.

Lithics create a world that seems like it is collapsing as it’s being built. Mating Surfaces is an unnerving sound, total in its commitment to a specific vision, DIY minimalist art-punk that speaks to the fact that whenever someone says the underground is dead it just demonstrates that they are just too past it to know any better.

Check out their previous video for the single, “Specs”.

Lithics will embark on a European tour this September – dates to be announced shortly.

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