Legendary collage artist Winston Smith (Dead Kennedys/Green Day etc) to host Graphic Anarchy in London on May 19th

May 14, 2018


Winston Smith and his legendary and timeless collage art will return to London for a one-off appearance at Orbital Comics Gallery in London on May 19thThis rare appearance will be one-night only affair between 5-7pm open to all.

Graphic Anarchy:  40 years of Underground Punk “Art” will see San Franciscan artist Smith, who has graced the world with his unique vision for his own works and sleeves for music artists such as Green Day, Ben Harper and Dead Kennedys (to name just a few), in London town to share a beer and some of his controversial art works at 8, Great Newport Street. This visit is to celebrate the triumph of Anarchism over the tedious outdated Monarchy, who won’t be in attendance this time as they have a Royal Wedding to televise on the same evening.

Winston will be joined by his pal, John Heartfield representing the brilliant anti-Nazi photo-montage art of his granddad of the same name.  Both friends will host an interview/panel discussion conducted by the one and only Savage Pencil, including a Q&A from the public.

Winston will have a collection of signed, limited edition Iris Prints on display including a selection of rare rock posters and signed book pages from his three volume set published by Last Gasp of San Francisco. Hob-knob with the hoi polloi and check out Winston’s new 24-page show catalogue, created especially for this event. It’ll either be a collector’s paradise or a scenester’s hell. Like they say: One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

There will also be a viewing the following day on Sunday, 20th May until 7pm but there’s no telling when Winnie will show up that day. It all depends on how bad his hangover is. So come on Saturday the 19th while he’s still semi-coherent. 5pm till 7pm, or until whenever the Hop Daemon craft beer runs out.

It was 2004 since Winston Smith last dropped into London so don’t miss this!

Head to for all info.

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