Greta Isaac Unveils New Single ‘Undone’

May 14, 2018

Greta Isaac Unveils New Single ‘Undone’

Following the success of previous singles Comfortable and Tied, Welsh artist Greta Isaac returns with another highly addictive single. Undone is out now.

Propelled by throbbing beats, Undone is a superbly crafted slice of glitchy electro-pop from this innovative new artist. As playful soundscapes and whirring hooks flow alongside Isaac’s soaring vocals, rich musical layers are interwoven to create a truly uplifting anthem, sounding akin to Maggie Rogers or Billie Eilish. Isaac aptly elaborates, “Undone is about that horrible part of your subconscious that toys with other people’s emotions purely for the thrill of making someone attracted to you, regardless of whether or not you’re actually interested. Essentially, a narcissist’s paradise.”

Her project, as a whole, is an exploration into habits and destructive human tendencies. Each song explores and exaggerates a different unhealthy trait from the perspective of a neurotic character. Whereas Comfortableexplored apathy and selfishness, and Tied was about being stuck in an unhappy relationship, Undone explores that part of our subconscious that believes it can make anyone fall in love with them.

Performing with her sisters on BVs, in addition to mandolin, guitars and double bass, the band are already gaining a reputation for delivering captivating live performances. Greta Isaac debuted her project with a sold out London show at a secret location, as well as wowing crowds at Festival No.6. Now, having gained attention from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Huw StephensThe Line Of Best FitLondon In StereoMahogany and Impose Magazine, Greta Isaac is set to continue seducing listeners with her captivating alt-pop creations.

Undone is out now.

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