Scott Swain Debut EP ‘Goodbye Country, Goodbye Home’ Due 20th May 2018 via Resonating Wood Recordings

April 28, 2018

Scott Swain creates an alternative dimension with compelling new EP! 


Singer-songwriter Scott Swain prepares to release his captivating and compelling debut EP, Goodbye Country, Goodbye Home, on 20th May 2018 via Resonating Wood Recordings.

There are two dimensions to this genre-defying EP, the main aspect being that the entire EP – including track order – is about Brexit. Swain is not ignorant to the fact that this is a topic that some are tired of hearing and therefore, he has created an alternative dimension; each song is about a particular film that has inspired him. The cinematic soundscapes of ‘Rachel’ are inspired by Blade Runner, the anthemic vibrations of ‘Its Too Late’ are based on the French film Irréversible, next track ‘Bury Bones’ reflects the same rollercoaster energy of Mad Max: Fury Road, ’All Is Well (Until You’re On Your Own)’ is an emotive ballad channelling Forty Days of Summerand lastly, ‘Oil!’ brings out the Johnny Cash in Swain as he shows off his country twang via There Will Be Blood. Each track on the EP has something undeniably unique to offer and yet Swain’s powerful lead vocal remains a welcoming constant. Fans of The National and Radiohead will feel at home here.

Having always performed as part of band, in 2016 Swain decided to go solo for the first time in this career. In 2017, Swain bought himself a baritone guitar and the music took care of itself. With an upcoming tour also in place for this year, Swain is now ready to release his debut EP Goodbye Country, Goodbye Home and re-introduce listeners to his charming, atmospheric sound.

Goodbye Country, Goodbye Home is out on 20th May 2018 via Resonating Wood Recordings.

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