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April 13, 2018




A new 2 piece on the scene with some very familiar faces are about to release a 6 track debut EP which will become your ultimate favourite record of 2018.

A Werewolf , who are very much still a band, have stepped out of their comfort zone to create a new act with a new direction. Niall Jones on vocals and guitar and Zack Esposito on drums and vocals are I Can, I Can’t – it’s every bit as insane as A Werewolf; why wouldn’t it be it’s got the 2 core musicians and their very unique workmanship. But strip away that math rock instrumental fury and the pair are creating an abrupt hard-hitting post punk noise rock act, resonating in hardcore influences and complexity- drums, guitars and haunting vocals. Everything Niall and Zack touches, simply works.

To set themselves up as a new act and essentially start all over whilst still keeping up appearances as AW!, was a very bold step but their forthcoming record proves they’ve made the right decision, and will certainly capture more listeners with their latest outlook.

Let Me Die Tracklisting

1. Don’t You Question
2. Gravity
3. Godot
4. Breathing Is Overrated
5. Strange Place
6. Grab Each Other

The 6 track EP ‘Let Me Die’ set for release April 20th, kicks you off and lulls the listener into a false sense of security with its distortion and ominous sample leading the way into an aggressive wall of sound, and from then, you are hooked.

I Can, I Can’t have created a standout debut, one which is exhilarating and fun, yet fearless throughout. Each composition flows perfectly to the next and showcases a brutally progressive mix of unruly heavy rock  and everything weird and wonderful in-between. A bold band with a ferocious execution, they effortlessly show they’re restricted by no boundaries and clearly one of the most powerful duo’s around.

Throughout the instrumentations, vocals are varied and fantastic throughout. Flaunting such attitude, they’ve tapped into their own version of americana and they’ve created a melodic yet wild sound. With hints of influences from the likes of ’68, The Ghost of a Thousand and Chariot to name a few.

Monotonous hard hitting riffs present throughout each track and assisting the full bodied sound and bodacious drum beats that shows no signs of weakness. ‘Let Me Die’ aggressively propels you on a journey, straight up melodic fusion of emotional vocals layered with hypnotic riffs and tantalising chords. The compositions created escalate into such heavier instrumentation with pelting drum beats and sheering screams- with both Niall and Zack complimenting one another with their vocal abilities.  Each composition focuses on the empowering outbursts and meaningful lyrics delivered in such a powerful way the message has to be heard. Within all their new compositions you can find fuzz, poly octaves, dynamic sounds and melodic outlays- each track is unpredictable, innovative and intriguing.

I Can, I Can’t have captured their own loud beauty. A 2 piece that have created a sound bigger than most six-piece hardcore acts. Post punk ferocity rampages over 6 eminent ensembles.  ‘Let Me Die‘ is ruthless and one of the most must hear records of recent times. When  ‘Let Me Die’ abruptly ends, it leaves you gasping and begging for more.

This band are the real deal,  let’s hope to see I Can, I Can’t touring Europe with ’68 soon- chaos will arise.


‘Let Me Die’ set for release April 20th.


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