Wreckless Eric   Shares the track “They Don’t Mean No Harm”   Taken from new album Construction Time & Demolition Due out on 30 March via Southern Domestic Records

March 11, 2018


Wreckless Eric
Shares the track “They Don’t Mean No Harm”
Taken from new album Construction Time & Demolition
Due out on 30 March via Southern Domestic Records
Wreckless Eric shares the second single, They Don’t Mean No Harm, from his forthcoming album Construction Time & Demolition, which is due out on 30 March. The track was premiered by The Big Takeover, who described it as a: “sonically gritty and pumpin’ track… an astute slice of our real, current life as pawns in the big socio-eco-politcal chessboard. A brash and vinegary Wreckless Eric spits out spirited barbs like, “The Dark Ages of man / crawls onto land.”, amid horn blasts, grimy and smoother guitar lines, and a pushy drum beat.”

Wreckless Eric says this about the politically charged song; “They’re descended from vicious fish. They crawled out of the primeval swamp onto dry land and now they’re running the world.”

Wreckless Eric previously shared the track “Gateway To Europe“, which Brooklyn Vegan described as serving; “both an opener to the album but also the beginning of Eric’s story – “the start of something big” — played as a heroic anthem, bursting with horns and soaring backing vocals.”

Wreckless Eric will be touring the UK in May (see dates below).
It’s all about the sound, always the sound – music without sound is literally nothing, so I concern myself with the sound. And texture.
A bridge was built spanning the Humber Estuary. Britain joined the Common Market and Hull became Hull, Gateway To Europe. None of it made any sense – the bridge connected Hull with Lincolnshire and the docks closed down.
Gateway to Europe – it’s the start of something big
All there is is time, hold that thought and it’s gone
We think we have automobiles and houses and furniture and health and longevity but we don’t – they’re all temporary. All we have is time and I’ve become increasingly aware that time is always running out. Life is a long song as the hairy bloke with the flute once said. The longer it goes on the more exhausted I get trying to figure out how I got to where I’m at now.
Staring at the clock with no idea
How the fucking hell did I get here?
I’ve reached an age when I see buildings being torn down that I remember being built.
In the early seventies when I lived in Hull I saw whole streets demolished, turned into vast expanses of dust and crumbled brick. The residents were relocated to faraway places that I only knew as destinations on the fronts of city buses.
I wanted the music to sound as though it was demolishing itself as it went along, and at times I wanted to actually hear it destroy itself, fuzz in and out until all that was left was the flat tone of a heart that’s stopped beating.
*** ** ***

Wreckless Eric is Eric Goulden. He was given the name to hide behind. After a while he realised he was stuck with it. His recording career began in 1977 when he was little more than an ex-teenage art student with the enduring “Whole Wide World” (recently a Billboard chart hit all over again for the US band Cage The Elephant). He sidestepped the mechanics of fame and became Britain’s premier underground household name, much loved and often underestimated.

Construction Time & Demolition is the culmination of over forty years of touring and recording – a life of hardship, creativity and getting away with it. Loud, dissonant, lyrical, sometimes gently melodic, Construction Time & Demolition is cogent music for desperate times.

Wreckless Eric will be touring in support of the album throughout 2018, including an extensive UK tour in May.
9 May – MANCHESTER – Gullivers
10 May – BARNOLDSWICK – Music & Arts Centre
11 May – HULL – O’Rileys

12 May – DURHAM – Old Cinema Laundrette
13 May – DUNDEE – Clarks
14 May – GLASGOW – Hug & Pint
15 May – EDINBURGH – Henry’s
17 May – WORCESTER – Marr’s Bar
18 May – BRISTOL – Thunderbolt
19 May – LEEDS – Fox & Newt
20 May – CROMER – Community Hall
21 May – CAMBRIDGE – Junction
22 May – FOLKSTONE – Lime Bar Cafe
23 May – BRIGHTON – Prince Albert
24 May – LONDON – 100 Club
25 May – COLCHESTER – Arts Centre
26 May – RAMSGATE – Music Hall
27 May –  LEICESTER – Musician
Wreckless Eric
Construction Time & Demolition
1. Gateway To Europe
2. The World Revolved Around Me
3. Flash
4. Mexican Fenders #1
5. They Don’t Mean No Harm
6. Wow & Flutter
7. Forget Who You Are
8. 40 Years
9. The Two Of Us
10. Unnatural Act
11. Mexican Fenders #2

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