No Thank You Premiere “New England Patriots” – All It Takes To Ruin It All Out April 6th on Lame-O Records

March 15, 2018

Dan Lidon


No Thank You Premiere “New England Patriots” via NPR Music 

All It Takes To Ruin It All Out April 6th
on Lame-O Records


Philadelphia’s No Thank You are now premiering their new single “New England Patriots,” streaming now via NPR Music. The song comes off of the band’s sophomore album All It Takes To Ruin It All, set to be released April 6th on Lame-O Records. NPR says, “the album wanders through [Della Monica’s] grief like an open house, taking stock of the mental furniture that lines her most recent memories of her father.” Pre-orders for the record are available now physically and digitally via Lame-O Records. No Thank You have also recently released “Cubic Zirconia,” streaming now via Stereogum.


Stream “New England Patriots” now via NPR Music.
All It Takes To Ruin It All is the raw, cathartic follow up to the band’s 2017 debut Jump Ship. The majority of the album was written following the death of singer Kaytee Della Monica’s father, and it largely focuses on the ways that event rippled through her life, relationships and state of mind. Swaying between brisk, upbeat indie pop and emotionally and sonically heavy 90s inspired rock, All It Takes To Ruin It All brings you through emotional peaks and valleys as Della Monica reflects on personal trauma, while also attempting to find ways to move forward.No Thank You have also just announced two record release shows in Philadelphia and New York City this April. A list of dates can be found below.

1. Furrowed Brows
2. Cubic Zirconia
3. Dash
4. Branch Doubt
5. New England Patriots
6. Hell Bent
7. Limitlessly Cheap
8. Outdoor Cat
9. Veranda
10. Space To Grieve

Tour Dates:
4/6 – Philadelphia, PA: Kung-Fu Necktie
4/7 – New Jersey: TBA
4/8 – Brooklyn, NY: The Cellar @ Brooklyn Bazaar

If there are seven stages of grief, No Thank You might show you an express route through them. The Philly trio — composed of long-time friends Kaytee Della Monica, Nick Holdorf, and Evan Bernard — walks a tense, bleary-eyed path on All It Takes To Ruin It All, their sophomore release as a full band. As the brisk, yet heavy-handed follow-up to last year’s Jump Ship, the LP is densely populated with mental forestry and instrumental heft. Just listen to the closer, “Space to Grieve,” where doubled string sections percolate under buzzsaw guitar, or “Dash,” a single offering its best Built to Spill-via-Rilo Kiley: punchy indie rock shot through with a need to escape its own devices. It’s also an LP surrounding the death of Della Monica’s father, using catharsis to balance the weight of this loss and its gradual acceptance.

All It Takes To Ruin It All records this healing process with equal parts tenderness and teeth, with tracks oftentimes bumping elbows in the running order. “Hell Bent” and “Limitlessly Cheap” both tackle the discomfort of strained relationships, but the former expresses its bitterness in churning, downcast guitar lines, while the latter is skittish and manic. This duality is maximum No Thank You, where different sonic brushstrokes get applied to the same unsettling subjects. Other tracks, such as the brittle, meandering “New England Patriots,” find the band at their most reflective, allowing Della Monica ample space to reflect on her last moments with her father.

All It Takes To Ruin It All doesn’t shoulder its pain with cynicism, but its conclusion doesn’t offer much calm, either. When summarizing the LP, Della Monica rattles off a list of like and unlike terms. “This record is primarily about learning, growing, accepting, not accepting, etc.” This is a journey shared by friends through intersecting pains and life lessons. It’s not as definite as steps in a process would suggest, but it’s a vibrant, desperate appeal for recovery, relief, and the future.


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