NIGHT FLOWERS Share new single/video, “Hey Love” – Debut album, Wild Notion due 13th April on Dirty Bingo Records

March 22, 2018

Josh Moore


Share new single/video, “Hey Love”

Debut album, Wild Notion due 13th April on
Dirty Bingo Records

UK Live Dates inc. Indietracks

Following a string of sold-out early EP’s and 7” singles, London indie/dream-poppers Night Flowers will release their sparkling debut album, Wild Notion, on 13th April viaDirty Bingo Records.

Written in various London basements and bedsits, and recorded with longtime producer Adam Jaffrey in a studio that was later bulldozed to make way for luxury flats, Wild Notion is a romantic, yearning album that is not afraid to wear its pop heart on its sleeve.

Today the band share new single, “Hey Love“, with an acompanying video made by photographer Josh Moore. Shot in Hull, the two girls in it, Olivia and Alicia, are real life best friends. Night Flowers’ Greg Ullyart says of it: “The song is basically about friendship and positivity through hardship, which sometimes feels more difficult as you get older. We wanted something uncynical and real, so we all had a nice day out on the Humber coast and filmed the girls hanging out, just doing what they do naturally.”



The single will be released digitally and also on a limited run of 50 white cassettes, containing “Hey Love” and b-sides “You Don’t Tell Me” and a cover of “Rush Hour”. There will also be two golden tickets hidden with the finders receiving a signed copy of the album test press. Available here:

Night Flowers will also play an album release show at the Lexington on 27th April, plus dates in Glasgow and Indietracks Festival:

Friday 27th April – The Lexington, London *ALBUM RELEASE SHOW*
Thursday 24th May – Picture House Social, Sheffield
Thursday 14th June – The Glade Cafe, Glasgow
Friday 15th June – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 
27 – 29th July – Indietracks Festival

About Wild Notion:

“It’s as good a place to write in as any,” wrote Philip Larkin of Hull, a city of rainy-day poets and the original home of Night Flowers. But this indie-pop quintet has since blossomed from its Humberside origins to form a bright transatlantic soul.

The windswept north-east English coast collided with stateside sunshine when US-born vocalist Sophia Pettit joined the band in their new shared hometown of London in summer 2015, completing their irresistible brand of stirring, romantic pop.

As Night Flowers cross the bridge into wide-screen, world-beating artists, Larkin’s grounded sentiment rings true – if you’re writing from the heart, you can write from anywhere… and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

The album took shape as the band cut their teeth on the road, criss-crossing the UK, Germany and Spain, experiencing a life-changing tour of Japan in 2016, and performing at End of the Road, Visions, Bestival, Kendal Calling, Beacons, Tramlines and Indietracks, before successful UK tours with The Pains of Being Pure of Heart andJapanese Breakfast.

Honed and polished in various London basements and moonlit bedsits, and recorded over two joyous weeks with long-time collaborator Adam Jaffrey at his ‘Unwound’ studio in Hackney, ‘Wild Notion’ sees Night Flowers facing down their past and ready to embrace the future head on.

Ullyart explains, “A lot of the album deals with time, place and memory. The memory often plays tricks and blurs the lines between present, past and future tense, and sometimes when you’re writing, it’s only with hindsight you can see what you were writing about. The songs put a few demons to bed.”

That ‘Wild Notion‘ is the last album to be recorded at ‘Unwound’, before the studio is bulldozed to make way for luxury apartments as the gentrification of London continues, adds a bittersweet touch.

“London’s always moving and that constant change is exhilarating, but it can make you unsure of your footing. You end up thick skinned and vulnerable at the same time. I’m sure that played into the album, all the classic things that come with being a young adult left to your own devices in the city and on the road, trying to find your place in the world.”

If the opening shimmer of guitar on opener Sandcastles gives you goosebumps, by the time Pettit sings “I’d recognize your pretty face anywhere,” you feel you have found a friend for life, a calm voice in the eye of the storm that a relentlessly changing world throws your way.

The exhilarating Night Alive follows; a celebration of living in the present. Night Flowers have always been a thrilling combination of intertwining female/male vocals so it seems fitting that Ullyart’s presence asserts itself strongly here before Pettit’s glorious return on the wonderful Resolverglistening like sunshine on the open road and heightened by Jaffrey’s crystal clear production.

With their dreamlike atmospherics and bittersweet lyrics, Night Flowers never stray too far from darkness and with Let Her In they go deep down, in the first of the album’s insomniac love letters to their adopted city of London; “Given that I am prone to chasing shadows, I bathe in city light now” sings Pettit.

The more upbeat Losing the Light has a groove all of its own, and this hook-filled pop song sways from desire to despair and back again, all backed by the most gentle of riffs and gloriously lush synths. The following Head On is new territory for the band, a swirling jolt to the system with a heavy heartbeat. Pettit’s remarkable control builds and builds as the album climbs to an epic crescendo, complete with bittersweet, triumphant brass.

Battered and bruised, Hey Love instantly picks things up and switches on the light, as Pettit asks, “what are you afraid of? / Close your eyes and tell me everything” and Unwound continues to uplift, but is hiding a shattered relationship underneath, “my love is where you left it, unwound / It means everything and nothing to me.”

Fireworks, the sparkling penultimate track on the album and another ode to being alive, is headstrong in its delivery but as delicate as the other nine songs – “This city’s such a pretty curse / It haunts me all the time,” Pettit sings, dealing with a love/hate relationship with London, all the magic that it gives and all that it takes away.

The closing Cruel Wind carries things into a huge finale befitting of the album. As Pettit cries “and now you have, an epitaph,” it’s at once deeply personal to the songs protagonist but also serves as a touchstone to the album and the band themselves, who return home to carry on writing, wherever that might be.
Night Flowers are:
Sophia Pettit (vocals + keys), Chris Hardy (guitar + vocals), Sam Lenthall (bass), Zebedee Budworth (drums) and Greg Ullyart (vocals + guitar)

Hey Love Single/Cassette-
Wild Notion Pre-order –

Praise for Night Flowers:

“Wild Notion is an album that’s been a long time coming, but it’s worth the wait, packed as it is with full-bodied indie-riffs, which in turn are inflected by Night Flowers’ undeniable pop sensibility.” – Noisey

“a vital, present day jolt of electrics to escapist pop” – DIY

“Night Flowers stand out from their modern peers merely because they’re the rare band that sounds like they want to do just that.” – Pitchfork

“glimmering guitar music that manages to be bright and poppy without giving up its melancholic mood.” – Stereogum

“Glorious” – NME

“Night Flowers’ gifts for harmony, and their rich, pastel sound seem primed to make this kind of rainy-day pop.” – The Line Of Best Fit

“The jingle jangle of the 80′s pop bangle mixed up with early nineties shoegaze.”
– BEAT Magazine

“Revisiting the dreamiest side of Creation Records’ shoegaze sound.”
– Loud And Quiet Magazine

“wistful melodies allied to perfectly pitched guitar noise” – Clash

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