HANZ – Announces new EP ‘Plasty II’ out March 23rd on Tri Angle Records

March 3, 2018

Timothy Saccenti

– Announces new EP ‘Plasty II’ out March 23rd on Tri Angle Records
– Shares new track “Clutched”

Hanz (aka Brandon Juhans) is set to release his new EP, ‘Plasty II’, via Tri Angle Records on March 23rd. It’s the follow up to January’s ‘Plasty I’ EP. ‘Plasty II’ is the other piece of the puzzle. It concludes the surgical cut and paste theme of the sound and artwork.

Juhans states, “My aim with Plasty II was to push the sound further into the past, using more familiar sounding hip-hop at certain points.” An example of that is the new track, “Clutched,” which is being shared today. “Altogether, ‘Plasty I’ and ‘II’ form a complete picture and can be played back to back in any order,” says Juhans.

Hanz originally wanted to be an illustrator but fell upon music. Curious about how albums he liked were made, he found himself researching a multitude of wide-ranging genres and techniques. He wanted to make things that he would want to hear himself and was eventually able to make music that matched his illustration style, setting up entire scenes with sound. Taking on an unusually divergent range of musical influences, he brings together hip-hop, punk and experimental music with his own thread – a unique sound that is never just one thing.

‘Plasty I’ and ‘II’ developed in sessions that started right before the re-issue of Hanz’s LP, ‘Reducer’, on Tri Angle in 2015. Over a year or so of working, he decided to trim compositions down and get to the point in less than twenty minutes per EP. He named this work Plasty due to its constant structural changes, it’s as if the sound is being operated on surgically.

Hanz’s music contains tension and action. He edits his music like a movie, placing pieces of a song inside other songs: certain parts and melodies from ‘Plasty I’ reappear in ‘Plasty II’ and vice versa. That’s his way of making these EPs complement each other, by making them function like puzzles where cinematic influences are joined by inspirations from the Surrealists and the cut-up techniques of William Burroughs & Brion Gysin.

‘Plasty II’ Artwork:

‘Plasty II’ tracklist:
1. Number One Stain
2. The Approach
3. Psychic Dog
4. Fifty Yard State
5. Three Min Surgery
6. Clutched

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