The Winter Passing share brand new video for ‘Like Flowers Ache for Spring’

February 21, 2018


The Winter Passing share brand new video for ‘Like Flowers Ache for Spring’

Big Scary Monsters (UK) and 6131 Records (US)

Irish indie-punk quartet, The Winter Passing, have shared their brand new video for Like Flowers Ache for Spring via Big Scary Monsters in the UK/Europe and 6131 Records in North America.

Talking about the video, siblings Rob and Kate Flynn commented:
Rob: “Like Flowers Ache For Spring is a reflection of torment from the struggles of real life essentially. Throughout ‘Double Exposure’ we documented mental health issues. Its mainly focused towards people of authority in every day life such as bosses in work places and those who think they’re better than you. It documents a bundle of emotion and the expression of wanting to be alone from human contact. We wanted the visuals to be an as cathartic experience as the song itself.”Kate: “This song, for me, both recognises the faults of being an introvert but also celebrates it, musically. It talks about how sometimes we feel stuck in time while the world is moving quite rapidly and how daunting it is when you feel like you’re not doing very much. For the music video for ‘Like Flowers Ache For Spring’, we wanted to capture & depict that in its truest form.”

The Winter Passing‘s strength has always been in their ability to truly collaborate, using each members’ wide range of inspirations and perspectives to create something highly unique. Double Exposure, their most recent EP, finds the band achieving a new level of cooperation, combining punk grit, indie quirks, and ’90s alternative swagger, along with the interwoven lyrical narratives of sibling vocalists Rob and Kate Flynn, for a dynamic yet cohesive listen.



21 – Belfast @ Bar Sub, Queens Uni #
23 – London @ Old Blue Last + TWP/Fresh DJ set
24 – Leeds @ Chunk
25 – Brighton @ Sticky Mike’s
26 – Kingston @ The Cricketers
27 – Nottingham @ Rough Trade **
28 – Bristol @ Exchange **

1 – Maynooth @ Brewery Coffee (Acoustic)
2 – Dublin @ The Grand Social
3 – Belfast @ American Bar

**: Woahnows/TWP only
#: w/ The Xcerts

The Winter Passing have always fearlessly followed their own path, an approach fueled by their distinctly collaborative nature. Every member brings a unique set of skills, influences, and perspectives that coalesce into a sound that is difficult to categorize but easy to love. On their fittingly titled new EP, Double Exposure, the Irish quartet take this approach to a new level, expertly layering their many inspirations for the sake of one goal: to create music that moves listeners

On their debut LP, 2015’s A Different Space of Mind, The Winter Passing created an infectiously raw mix of punk energy and indie rock quirks that garnered critical acclaim. When the time came for a follow-up, the band sought to create a record that built on that adventurous spirit and further utilized each member’s individual musical sensibilities. The band recruited legendary producer J. Robbins (Against Me!, The Promise Ring, Texas Is The Reason, Jets To Brazil) to help execute their vision in the studio, and the result is an incredibly dynamic release that effortlessly bridges the gap between anthemic punk rock melodies and the spunky complexities of ‘90s alternative. While its moods and tones are many, Double Exposure is an impressively cohesive release with a uniquely Irish spin.

The Winter Passing have never shied away from intensely personal lyrics in their work, but on Double Exposure the band write with an even deeper vulnerability. Predominantly crafted by brother and sister songwriting duo Rob and Kate Flynn, the EP’s lyrics form a loose concept around the use of multiple starkly personal perspectives being seamlessly woven together to make a unified narrative. This approach creates a universal quality to very personal songs that follow the sibling’s parallel struggles with the physical and mental instability caused by intense anxiety.

More than most bands, The Winter Passing is a sum of its parts, and Double Exposure is the result of that cooperation at its finest. Each member’s distinctive contributions blended together to make an incomparable portrait of a band coming into its own.

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