Reema returns with new single, Four Letter Words, out 9th March 2018 via YellowBrick Music.

February 11, 2018


Reema returns with new single Four Letter Words 

Singer-songwriter Reema returns with poignant new single, Four Letter Words, out 9th March 2018 via YellowBrick Music.

Four Letter Words is a delicately weaved song about how people can be destroyed with love. Reema explains “a close friend was going through couples counselling and told me what was going on in the sessions. What she said really struck me and pulled me back to moments I have felt that way. You can’t help who you fall in love with. The song is a mix of our shared experiences”. This single is yet another example of Reema’s impressive ability to tackle emotive subjects by combining dark, mesmerising arrangements with her rich, distinct vocals. Fans of Beth Orton and Lisa Hannigan will feel at home here.

Truly stunning. A real talent!

Four Letters Words was produced by Ethan Johns (Laura Marling, Ryan Adams, Kings of Leon) and was recorded on tape with a live analogue introduction. Reema has previously received praise from a number of well-regarded publications for her work with producer, composer and arranger Guy Sternberg as part of his analogue label initiative, LowSwing Records. Her vinyl release The LowSwing Sessions has been praised by the likes of The Arts Desk, Folk Radio UK and The Vinyl District to name but a few.

Four Letter Words is out on 9th March 2018 via YellowBrick Music.

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