RASHARN POWELL shares co-directed visuals for ‘Pretty Girls’

February 26, 2018




Rasharn Powell unveils the self-directed visuals to ‘Pretty Girls‘ in collaboration with directory Timothy Ogu. The video is a sleek take on Rasharn’s track emotional track, which is an ode to the power women have over him.

Of the track, Rasharn says: “With this visual, I thought it was very important that we capture the emotion I tried to convey within the “Pretty Girls” song. From the fast cuts to the non-linear narrative to the length of the visual, all encapsulate the emotion behind “the chase”. Glorifying the girls within the visual was very important also, showing their beauty as well as shooting from lower angles, showing their dominating stature within society itself and capturing beautiful still moments, accentuated by the lighting. This was my first ever directorial role in a music video and it felt amazing to do it alongside my partner, Timothy Ogu. I hope you enjoy what we created and are ready to see more.”

Director Timothy Ogu says: “For this video I truly wanted to experiment with the construct of time, we understood that there is limiting attention span when it comes watching something online. We aimed to create a video that in two minutes can prove intriguing, documents Rasharn fully and serves as a taste of more to come.”

About Rasharn Powell:

Hailing from Essex, Rasharn Powell is a singer songwriter who gains inspiration from life, love and real experiences. Describing his sound as ‘dusk & dawn’, the young artist truly puts his heart and soul in his music; taking every moment to create music that makes you feel something with every word.

Rasharn’s interest in music started from a young age but never really came to fruition until he started to create his own music in in early 2014. Releasing a few demos as well as gigging quite a bit, he was invited to open for Omarion at KOKO in March 2015. This show was a stepping stone for him, coming to the realisation that he needed to find something that was solidified within direction, lyrical capability, staple sonic elements and visuals to move forward how he envisioned. Shortly after, he decided to leave the university he’d always wanted to go to, due to all of his energy being unapologetically placed towards his music. Within 2 years, Rasharn made a lot of new music and demos, as well as releasing a 2-track acoustic live performance EP entitled “RAW’ and visual, at the start of 2016. Within this year, a lot of things out of Rasharn’s control happened, which caused for him to slow down with music and focus on finding himself which lead to a rebirth of his sound and style.

The end of 2016 saw Rasharn collating all his influences that make up his individual sound and coined his style as “dusk & dawn”. After sitting down producer RAJ Forever,they started to consistently work together and set about making music and creating tracks that were unique to his style.  Rasharn released his first single “Pretty Girls” in June and is now gearing up to release further tracks towards the end of the year.

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